Saturday, November 23, 2013

See No Evil 2 Directors' Chairs

We had an incredibly talented graphic artist on See No Evil 2, Roger Fires. You will see his stunning work in the upcoming film, but until then - here's a sneak peek with our director chairs.

Twin #1

Twin #2


Friday, November 22, 2013

Twisted Twins WWE 2K14 Entrances

Our intros for WWE 2K14.

Sylvia Soska intro. (song: SEXY NAUGHTY BITCHY by TATA YOUNG)

Jen Soska intro. (song: LIVING DEAD GIRL by ROB ZOMBIE)

The Twisted Twins tag team intro. (song BAD GIRLS by M.I.A.)

Do you have your copy yet?

This is Awesome (aka #twinning)

Attention everyone.

Drop what you’re doing and check this out!! Us Twisted Twins and KANE made by the wonderful Nick Pillitteri on WWE 2K14 (you DO have your copy, right???). Epic win.




The Celluloid Screams Twisted Bumper Competition Winner Announced by Us

Sylvia Soska and I judged the Celluloid Screams Twisted Bumper competition!! AMAZING entries, check out as we announce the winner ;)

And, yes, this is uncut and totally how we make our vids, ha ha

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Chirality Nail Polish's New Line, Black is the New Black is Available Now!!

"Now on to these sickeningly beautiful polishes!  
Soska is a black linear holo. When I say Black Holo, I don't mean dark grey holo. I mean black like the inky void. This polish is the truest Black holo I have ever gotten to try, and I loooove it.  
Two layers finds opaqueness, and I used a thin layer of Poshe topcoat, which did not dull the holo effect. I can't tell you how awesome it is to see no greying from the holographic pigment - A real must have!  
The holo itself is strong and very colorful, giving the full spectrum of colors on each nail in most light. It's almost like a pitch black base and a sparkling rainbow were meant to go together!" (full piece here)


"And here is the stunning Soska.  
Soska was named after the (in)famous Soska Twins...aka the Twisted Twins. If you are a fan of horror movies, especially the more underground variety, you may know the Soska sisters from such films as American Mary, Dead Hooker In a Trunk as well as the upcoming See No Evil 2 and ABC's of Death 2. They are a writing, producing, directing and acting powerhouse team, check them out. They've also got an upcoming release in XX, an all-female horror anthology.  
Soska is the creme de la creme of holo. It was virtually a one coat polish! This is the first true linear holo that Chirality has done and they blew it out of the barn. Even my boyfriend oooohed and aaaahed all over it when he saw it!  
This does show the polish at 2 coats, but that was just for photography sake. The formula is spectacular and the holo rainbow in this polish is to die for!" (full piece here)

"On to the polish!! 
First lets check out Chirality's new labels! I think they are very fun and make me think of the 80's. hahaha I dont know why. I think they look better and are easier to see but I do wish they were are transparent on the darker colors. 
This is Soska. 
This polish was inspired by the Soska Twins. They make horror movies including the one I mentioned above as well as Dead Hooker in a Trunk. For this polish I used two coats that covered incredibly well." (full piece here)


Saturday, November 09, 2013

All Female Anthology - XX - Announced at AFM!!

Jen and I are so fucking honored to be a part of XX with Jovanka Vuckovic, Jen Lynch, Mary Harron, Karyn Kusama, and Sophia Carrillo. Huge thank you to Todd Brown who fucking rocks!!!
"Said Brown: "One of the givens of so many horror films has been the objectification of young women, and we thought it was time for a different approach to scaring audiences and letting the female voice be heard." 
"We know that women make up about half of the audience for horror films, and yet female creative voice has been nearly silent in the horror genre," said Newman, executive vp of Dark Sky Films' parent company, MPI. "So we are thrilled about the new and distinct approach that these talented directors will bring to the project.""

Read all about it on ---

The women included in this project have inspired us so wholly. I fucking love these women. Very very excited to be included in this phenomenal lineup!


Bateman/Mason Fan Fic, Yes Please!

My life is now complete. Someone hook me up with the fan fiction.


Get Some Soska on Your Nails!!

Jen and I had the thrill of a lifetime when we got the incredibly rad offer to have a nail polish named after us, 'Soska' by Chirality Nail Polish

We got sent them and wore them all throughout the filming of SEE NO EVIL 2 Movie; they stay on beautifully and the color is a holographic black that looks like gasoline mixed with the night sky, fucking radness.

It is part of the new line "Black is the New Black" and will be available at both of their online stores on Nov. 16:


Haven't changed our color since we got it and don't see any plans to change it - hook yourself up and send us pics.


Saturday, November 02, 2013

Happy Birthday Katie!

A very happy birthday to a lady who was kind enough to be nice to a fangirl when I was an extra on Josie and the Pussycats, the rest has just been a thrill. 

The thinking person's scream queen, Katharine Isabelle. Have a wicked one, killer.


Happy Birthday Risky!!

Happiest of happy birthdays to a woman that broke the mould when she was created - 
"One of God's own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die."

Love you madly, Tristan Risk. Thank you for all the amazing adventures. May this birthday just be the start of many more.


WWE 2K 14 Undertaker Edition

Jen & I just got the new #WWE2K14 Undertaker Edition!!!! Happiest fangirls on the planet right now.


Random Pop Episode 5

"Attention horror fans... this one is for you! Random Pop caught up with the infamous Soska Sisters at Fatality Fest to discuss their most recent horror movie "American Mary". The beautiful twin directors/writers/actors get uber bloody with our host Lawnette Mundy, check it out!"


BC Horror Challenge On!!!

Jen and I are unofficial judges in many things, but official for this; do your damnedest, filmmakers.

"On October 31st Bloody Cuts launched their first ever short film challenge at This film is for benchmark and example purposes, made under the same restrictions as the competition. 

Think you can make something better? Something scarier? Enter now to win over $13,000 of prizes, and have your film judged by one of the best panels put together for a film competition."


Find out how you can enter at


The Real Housewives of Horror

Check out the Real Housewives of Horror, a show I would watch every fucking week. Kudos, ladies, this rocks. 


Limited Time Only Ladies of See No Evil 2 Autographed Print

For a limited time only, you can grab these special Halloween Jamie Lloyd pics of the SEE NO EVIL 2 Movie ladies, Danielle Harris & the Twisted Twins! Profits going to Scares That Care!

Get em here!! 


Comic Costume American Mary in ChaosLife


The Twisted Twins Meet Mark Henry

The Twisted Twins meet the the world's strongest man, Mark Henry!!


Lucha VA-VOOM~!!!

Danielle Harris & the Twisted Twins hit up the Lucha VaVoom show last night to get our wrestling love on!


Ain't It Cool Thinks American Mary is Cool

"If one has never seen recreational body modification in its various forms, I can understand why some folks would be seriously ooked out by AMERICAN MARY, the latest in what seems to be a new wave of body horror films which may have been restarted with HUMAN CENTIPEDE, but has really taken shape with this past year’s VICTIM, THE SKIN I LIVE IN, EXCISION, ERRORS OF THE HUMAN BODY and ANTIVIRAL, to name a few. I don’t mean to be jaded, but while I don’t have any body mods myself (besides tattoos), I have seen my fair share in my time. So on that initial shock level, I wasn’t taken aback as much as I imagine one unfamiliar with the subculture would be.

That said, AMERICAN MARY is one hell of a movie. It’s well acted by GINGER SNAPS’ Katharine Isabelle and newcomer Antonio Cupo. Both actors do well with their characters, exhibiting an attraction, yet an inability to show that toward one another because of the situation they have found themselves in. The story follows Mary (Isabelle), a down and out med student in need of a quick buck answering an ad as a stripper in a gentleman’s club. While there, Mary’s skills as a future surgeon are called upon when she is offered $5,000.00 to illegally operate on an associate of the bar with his eye gouged out. Mary takes the offer and finds herself spiraling down the rabbit hole into dark subcultures and deviant body modification for an immense amount of profit which would shut those student loan callers the hell up.

The way this film is put together is eloquent and delicate, yet occasionally stone cold. Even the opening scene, as Mary practices her operating skills on a dead plucked turkey, the camera zooms in to show this delicate operation with thin instruments making precise cuts. That’s how this film is throughout. AMERICAN MARY is slow to develop and shows a patient hand storytelling-wise, but I wasn’t bored a tick as we see Mary get further and further entrenched in this shadowy world. The directors, Sylvia & Jen Soska, are twins who also appear in the film as…what else…twisted twins with a unique request for Mary’s operating skills. The story keeps things pretty distant, though, only showing us slight peeks as to what’s going on inside Mary’s brainpan with only a few scenes of her reacting to these intense situations like vomiting and taking a shower in her clothes, both clichés but appropriate given the extreme circumstanes."


American Mary Makes Flavor Wire's List of Top Horror

"American Mary

Canadian twin filmmakers Jen and Sylvia Soska have been leading the way for contemporary female horror directors with their indie debut, Dead Hooker in a Trunk (picked up by IFC), and the recent American Mary. A disenchantedmedical student enters the world of underground surgery and extreme body modification where things taken an even darker turn. Ginger Snaps’ Katharine Isabelle leads the twisted character study, and the Soskas allow the antiheroine to flourish without straining to make her likable (often a rarity for female characters in general)."

Check the whole list here~!


Cinefille Talks the Twisted Twins

"Role in the horror community: Head sisters (literally–these Canadians are identical twins!) of the gloriously gory modern feminist horror revolution

Claim to fame: Dead Hooker in a Trunk, the 2009 breakthrough independent feature which they wrote, directed, produced and starred in for a mere $2,500 after making a short film of the same name for school. The success of that film would get them the attention that would help finance their next project, the gore-soaked, girl-powered hit American Mary, and the start up of their production company, Twisted Twins Productions.

Weapon of choice: Their fierce fearlessness. Or rather, their unwillingness to let other people’s fears and/or expectations of them or film deter them from making the beautifully and brutally graphic (or, I suppose “twisted”) movies they want to make."

Read the whole article here!


The Globe & Mail Talk Women in Horror

"The rea­sons that women are rolling around in the su­per­nat­u­ral muck, both as cre­ators and con­sumers, are as nu­mer­ous as those zom­bies chas­ing Pitt down a lab cor­ri­dor. One, says Dave Alexan­der, the ed­i­tor-in-chief of Toronto-based Rue Morgue, the world’s fore­most hor­ror mag­a­zine, is that cheaper film­mak­ing tech­nol­ogy and chang­ing modes of dis­tri­bu­tion opened doors for a lot of new film­mak­ers – “many of them women,” he says, “who bring a more fe­male per­spec­tive” to the old tropes.

“For ex­am­ple, Jen and Sylvia Soska, twins from Van­cou­ver, made Amer­i­can Mary, an am­bi­tious film with a strong woman pro­tag­o­nist – a med stu­dent – that touches on top­ics, in­clud­ing a rape-re­venge fan­tasy and squea­mish fe­male-body hor­ror, that are im­por­tant to women.”"


List Film Talks to the Twisted Twins

Can you briefly explain the plot of American Mary? 
Sylvia Soska: American Mary follows the story of Mary Mason, played by Katharine Isabelle, as she grows increasingly disenchanted by her medical school and the surgeons teaching her and the allure of easy money and notoriety sends Mary into the messy world of underground surgery and body modification which leaves more marks on her psyche than her freakish clientele.

en Soska: I love it when she does that.

What interested you about the world of body modification?

ylvia Soska: I was looking on the internet one day and we found this April’s Fool’s prank, at the time we didn’t know it was an April Fool’s joke.

en Soska: We actually didn’t know it was a prank until we were filming and we mentioned it and our body mod consultant laughed in our faces.

ylvia Soska: But the story goes there were two identical brothers and one of them had his arm sawn off and grafted onto his brother’s chest and the other had his ring finger removed and grafted onto his brother’s hand to have an elongated finger, because they were genetically identical you can do limb swaps with twins without rejection. That didn’t disturb me, or even the photos, as much as these big long love letters about being one half and having this connection and I thought it was very creepy and felt very scared and thought what is wrong with the world? But every time something scares me I become obsessed with it so went online, onto message boards and I would pretend I was going for all this surgery, it was just for shits and giggles.

en Soska: It was not originally intended for a film, it was just something that fascinated us, we’ve seen a lot of things in our lives and we’re not really phased by much, we were raised in a very open way. I mean when we were 12 we watched Hellraiser and it wasn’t a big deal, our mom would watch horror movies because she loved horror movies and she didn’t want to watch shitty kid’s shows so we watched them with her and she would explain them to us.

ylvia Soska: Then later we were trying to sell our first film, Dead Hooker in a Trunk, and we had no money for food or rent and we were going down to LA to try and get into mainstream filmmaking and every time we did we’d meet these horrendously awful human beings.

en Soska: As you do when you are in Hollywood.

ylvia Soska: I blame Penthouse, people take identical twins in the worst way possible, [laughs] anyway we met a great producer and he said 'why don’t you focus on your next script what else do you have?' At the time we had nothing so I lied, I was like ‘I have so many scripts I don’t even know what you want to read.’ And I made up a bunch of things I knew we could make up in a couple of weeks so I went ‘this one and this one and this one about a medical student’ and he goes ‘yeah the medical student one, I just want to look it over,’ so we wrote it in two weeks and everything we had been through accidentally went into the script. I didn’t even realise how personal it was until people were pointing it out and I started getting very uncomfortable.

en Soska: It’s very much an analogy of our own misadventures in the film industry, we used mainstream medicine instead of Hollywood and the body mod community in place of independent film and the horror community. We were always so embraced by the horror community our first film, Dead Hooker in a Trunk, most people said a title like that it’s got to be a shit film but the fans loved it so much that it became this online cult phenomenon so we managed to get distribution.

ylvia Soska: And that led to the opportunity to make this one.


Diabolique Talks with Glenn Jacobs at NYCC

"WWE Superstar Glenn "Kane" Jacobs discusses his upcoming sequel, "See No Evil 2", as well as some of his favorite horror icons at the WWE Studios Roundtable at New York Comic Con 2013."


Round Table Talk with WWE Studios at NYCC

"me in the roundtable interview with the cast of see no evil 2. featuring kane and hornswoggle and the cast."


Diabolique Talks to the Twisted Twins at NYCC

"One of the most exciting opportunities that the 2013 New York Comic Con had for Diabolique was the chance to check out the upcoming horror slate from WWE Studios. The studio was revamping their theatrical release slate to revive See No Evil into a bonafide franchise and reboot the Leprechaun franchise back into serious horror. Of course, one of the most discussed aspects of See No Evil 2 was that the film was to be the studio debut of American Mary directors Jen and Sylvia Soska, a/k/a “The Twisted Twins.” Friends of the magazine and just bubbly in their demented demeanor, Diabolique sat in to our roundtable discussion with the Twins, hot off of principal photography on their newest effort. You can check out the New York Comic Con roundtable below!"


American Mary on Movie Central

American Mary starts playing on Movie Central tonight! Thank you to everyone who is going to tune in and watch it. Click HERE for the details!


GamerFitNation Talks to Glenn Jacobs at NYCC

"GamerFitnation interviews Kane from the WWE about See No Evil 2, where the wrestler will be revived once again as Jacob Goodnight in the horror sequel. Kane chats with Antwand 'BlackBible' Pearman on his thoughts on the movie, the wrestling passed, and the horror genre in general. Find out all you need to know about See No Evil 2, right here on GamerFitnation."


Tyler Doupe Talks to the Twisted Twins

"An interview with the Twisted Twins regarding their latest feature American Mary as well as upcoming projects."


Gamer Hub Talks to Glenn Jacobs at NYCC

"WWE Superstar Kane, also known as Glenn Jacobs, talks about filming See No Evil 2 and offers advice on what 2K Sports should add to WWE 2K14 in this exclusive interview."


The Real Girl Behind Ruby RealGirl

Ever wonder what Ruby RealGirl aka Paula Lindberg looks like underneath those prosthetics? Answer: Hitchcock-ian hot blond.

Photo by Sara Rogers-Photography
Styling by Lisa Millar-Jones
Hair/MUA Natacha Trottier