Friday, August 19, 2011

Vancouver Zombie Walk: Help Save The World and Look Damn Good Doing It

Now don't get scared, boys and grrls. It's not February and I'm not after your blood (......yet). I'm after your hearts.

Yes, yes, for a zombie entry it would be more suiting to seek brains, but it's hearts we need. Tomorrow, as every red blooded Vancouver~rite should know is our INFAMOUS ZOMBIE WALK. That's right, we dress a mess and take to the streets in massive mob. And the most important part? Well, dressing and doing yourself up Zombie style.

But what if you could get your make up done professionally by the abso~fucking~lutely most talented make up artists in the business AND help make the world a better place? I know. Priceless. Maybe even better than brains. MAYBE...

The ZOMBIE WALK starts tomorrow at the Art Gallery and that's where you'll find the masters behind TRUE BLOOD, SIX FEET UNDER, THETA EFFECTS, FRINGE, UNDERWORLD 4, and 30 DAYS OF NIGHT: DARK DAYS (just to name a few) and they'll be donating their outstanding talents to the RED CROSS' RELIEF IN AFRICA. They will be working by donation, a mere $20+ will get you the best effects in the world and I shit you not. I stand behind the astounding talents of this team. You can not only look fucking amazing, but you can be helping someone on the other side of the planet that really needs you.

They'll be there (at the Vancouver Art Gallery) from 10:30am to 4pm. Then, the walk commences at 4:30pm sharp. Please help spread the word and have a heart while you hunt down those elusive, yet succulent brains.

Look for the ZOMBIE SQUAD to gore you all up! See ya there kids....

I need your help, my friends. Please spread the word and let's show 'em that horror fans truly are the best of the best.

Because caring is sexy. Anna Paquin kind of sexy.

Bloody Best!

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