Thursday, November 04, 2010

GrimmUpNorth 2010: projectcyclops finds a DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK and laughs his ass off!

We Twisted Twins lament that we were unable to attend the oh-so-wonderful Grimm Up North film festival in Manchester. It's a long way over that pond. We were absolutely delighted to find a review from an attendee of the festival, Project Cyclops of Quiet Earth. And what mister Cyclops has to say is....
"Completely off-the-wall comedy in uniquely dead-pan, black as pitch style, Dead Hooker in a Trunk almost defies description but I’ll give it a go. Two identical twin sisters who happen to be exact opposites – one a Badass chick, the other a Geek – have crazy adventures with their respective best friends, a heroin addicted feminist punk rock singer Junkie, and a starch shirt wearing fundamentalist Christian Goody Two-Shoes. After a night out clubbing in Vancouver, Badass and Junkie have major hangovers, but agree to drive Geek sister to church to meet her Jesus-freak boyfriend. After some bluster during which someone is set on fire, the gang discover the titular Dead Hooker in their trunk, and panic. What follows is one of the craziest, funniest and most inventive films I have ever seen."

The review is not only honest and thoughtful, but gore~geously written, chalk full of wit, humor, and a touch of cheekiness (God bless cheekiness...).

Feast on the full film review from Project Cyclops HERE.

Thank you from the bottoms of our Twisted little hearts to the Grimm Up North Festival for having us, thank you to Project Cyclops for taking the time to both view and review the film, and thank you to all the fans in attendance! We wish we could've been there in the flesh, but the future is bright and we will make our way over the pond. A much over due visit, indeed. Pints for everyone, Sylvie's treat (ha ha ha)...


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  1. Excellent work, the string of successful events continues! I'm so happy it's all going so well for you 2.