Thursday, March 29, 2012

WTF: Thursday Midnight - DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK

Want a brilliant WTF experience? TONIGHT on the SUNDANCE CHANNEL, check out our beloved debut feature, DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK.

All FIRST TIMERS please drop us a line and let us know what you think of the flick. And all you guys who've been supporting the film before it was even released, you KNOW we fucking love you.

Fatally Yours,
Jen and Sylv

From Canada To Fuck Your Shit Up Old School Again

B. Fatt & Lazy Movie Reviews is a site with comedic and rad reviewers that get to the bottom of DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK. B. Fatt was kind enough to check out the flick and share his thoughts --
"What can be said about DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK? It is the best title for a movie since HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN. It is a ninety minute drug fueled ride through anarchy and insanity. It has already filled out the paperwork to be inducted into the cult classic hall of fame. It is bad fucking ass."
The following includes one of the best sentences that I have ever heard in my life --
"I’m not sure if DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK is genius or madness but it is a very thin line, my friends. It’s a very thin line. All I know is I didn’t exit the theater at the end of this movie so much as I used my rock hard cock as a battering ram to smash through the drywall and cinder blocks."

As if this wasn't enough to make a pair of good ole Canadian girls feel special, there was also these kind words --
"DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK is the worst movie I’ll ever love. And I’m pretty sure I’m going to marry one of the Soska sisters. Possibly both. Maybe at the same time. I’ll have to wait to see how down they are. But I know for a fact that there are new queens of trash cinema. And their names are Jen and Sylvia Soska."

A very humble thank you to B.Fatt for watching the flick and for sharing in our 90 minutes of insanity. We super stoked that you dug the flick and hope that you come back for the new one. Maybe after AMERICAN MARY if you still wanna get hitched...

You can read the whole loltastic review here. Thank you for reading the blog, boys and girls! Sorry to be so MIA, lots of new stuff coming up in the next few weeks.


Erebus Horror Crowns a Pair of Twisted Twins

"Now do you see why we chose The Twisted Twins to be our Queens of Horror? Well lets look at this objectively. They’ve got a unique vision and determination when it comes to film making, they have done, and continue to contribute, so much to our great horror genre, they do all of their own stunts, they’re incredibly beautiful but also deadly (they’re trained in martial arts so watch out!) and they’ve got an immense following which is only going to increase as they make more movies."
Erebus Horror did a cool piece where they decided to name some of their favourite horror artists king and queen of horror. Not since baby Simba was lifted into the sunlight by Rafiki has anyone felt so much stupid happiness from such a rad honour. The article goes on to talk about our first flick, DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK, our fastly approaching second film, AMERICAN MARY, and all the happenings in between.
"Now in my opinion, there is definitely a gap in horror. And that gap is in the form of horror twins – There just aren’t ANY that spring to mind (Apart from Jeremy Irons in Dead Ringers, but lets face it – He’s not really a twin!) So I think it is definitely safe to say that The Twisted Twins are one of a kind, whether it’s their filmmaking, their unmatched humour, their unwavering love of horror, or perhaps because there are TWO of them! You’ll see – In time they’ll be a worldwide horror personality."

You can check out the entire piece here, a new interview will be up on the site shortly too, and read up on their king of horror, Bill Oberst, here. Thank you for talking about our project and talking to us, Erebus Horror! Your support of indie artists like this means the world to us.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Midnight Poutine

If you can make it out to one of Little Miss Risk or Lola Frost's shows, you really should. It's actually criminal how much talent these beautiful women have.

A1 - Sylv
A2 - Tristan
B1 - Lola
B2 - Jen

See you at the next show!

Springtime for Dead Hooker and Sundance

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, little animals are hooking up and making baby animals, and the Sundance channel hops into spring by playing DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK on its lovely channel.
"This morning I had to run a bunch of errands, including picking up a chair for my great uncle. When I got to my car I realized there were all these bags of stuff I needed to drop off at Goodwill. So, I couldn’t run my main errands until I got rid of the bags and made room in the trunk. DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK is a similar story only, instead of old clothes, four friends find a dead hooker in their trunk. Shit happens. In fact, I’m pretty sure shit like this happens in Vancouver all the time!"
The Sundance channel has all sorts of fun springy programming coming up and clickity click here to get it all. Thank you like crazy to all you die-hard HOOKER supporters and you new HOOKER lovers that checked out the flick the other night and have been spreading the word and hitting us up with your thoughts. You are fucking brilliant. May this spring get you everything you're after and even adventures where you get to dump a body with your friends.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

CM Punk watches Dead Hooker In A Trunk


A little known fact about myself and my beloved doppelganger is that we are HUGE wrestling fans.

I kid you not.

Undertaker was my beloved way back when and Sylvie (foolish Sylvie) loved The Heartbreak Kid. When they battled in Hell In A Cell, we nearly killed one another until Kane showed up and we both called an uneasy truce and instantly turned on this new intruder on our lives.

Today something beyond amazing happened. Honestly, I don't know if I'm dreaming.

CM Punk, Phillip Jack Brooks, tweeted the following and we almost died...

That's right. The current WWE Champion, the nineteenth WWE Triple Crown Champion and the man to achieve this honor fastest at 203 days, is watching OUR movie. Thank you, CM ! We truly hope you like it. And you've made two wrestling fans hearts soar. I don't think my mind can be comprehend that this is even happening right now.

I hope this is your face when you finish watching it.

Fatally Yours,
Jen and Sylv

Twisted Twins Tatt!!!

We will forever be on Damon Mostasteless Lagneau's arm. For fucking serious because the man got Twisted Twins inked for life on his arm.
Fucking amazing. We adore this kind of commitment - we promise to be a good tattoo and look cool, badass, and sexy.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Twisted Twins Trivia with Ghost and the Twins!

Like they corpses sharing the same unmarked grave, is the horror show equivalent to how we feel about this man. Sorry, Beetlejuice, but our Ghost is our ghost with the most. If you're late to the bloggery, we met Ghost last year at TIFF and have been ghoul friends ever since.

We actually never wanted to leave, and Ghost was kind enough to hang with a pair of completely insane twins. He even took us to the airport where because I'm so hardcore, I didn't get all sad like a bitch (I did tho). Here is a segment from our time together that was previously unreleased for your viewing pleasure!

Thank you for watching, thank you to Ghost for being fucking fangtastic, thank you to everyone who reads this blog. Too much love for that radness!!


Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Mr. Darko finds a Dead Hooker in his Trunk

The horror community is made up of many faces, people from all different places, all sharing a love of horror, and something else - the community consists of the best people on the planet. Allow me to introduce you to Mr. Darko of The Movie Log --

"I am an avid movie watcher of all genre's, although my favourites are horror and sci-fi. I will be reviewing every movie I watch and giving you my two cents. Feel free to leave your opinion or suggest movie for me to watch."

With the new IFC Midnight release of DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK, the film is getting seen by many folks. So what did Mr. Darko think about the flick?

"All in all Dead Hooker in a Trunk, is a great debut film from the Soska sisters, and is already being called a cult classic. While this is something we will only know in time, I must say this feels very familiar to another pair of horrors great icons. Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, two friends with nothing but gallons of fake blood and a love for horror who created one of the great cult classics Evil Dead. That being said I already have my eye out for American Mary, the Soska Sisters next big feature and I look forward to seeing where they go next."

I can't exclaim the pure, unadulterated nerd joy these words give me. Jen and I made this film with the intention of making something fun, crazy, and entertaining like the films we grew up on. There's nothing better than hearing that people are digging the flick. Clickity click here for the whole piece.*


*we had ten times less than the amount that wiki says we did. ;)

Are You A Top Or A Bottom?

Hey, girls and boys, what are you doing this upcoming Monday, March 12th at 7pm? Not sure. How about you come out for a laugh at Oasis (1240 Thurlow St, Vancouver, BC) where the Tops and Bottoms Queer Comedy Group will be performing? Say what? Lemme introduce you to this rad event --

The Show

Tops and Bottoms is presented by Bob Loblaw Queer Comedy Troupe - Canada's first (and so far only) professional gay improvisational comedy company.

The show opens with four up and comers (The Bottoms) creating comedy sketches based on challenges the professionals (The Tops) set for them. Then in the second half The Tops pull random challenges from a top hat. There are over 97 games with various degrees of difficulty for them to choose from and they have no control over what they get.

After each half the audience votes on ballots that were distributed earlier. They reward the Bottom who they think did the best and deserves a chance to play as a Top and the ˜punish' a Top who they think played the weakest. Next week those players switch positions and new players also join the ranks.

Sounds very cool, but Sylv - you ask me in your quizzical manner - how the fuck do you fit in? Here's how the fuck - Jen and I have been invited by the fucking amazing Bill Taylor to be guest judges. First time doing this sort of fun thing and would love to see as many of you fine folks out there for a great night!

Ok, that's a few days away. Enough time, right? Can't wait to see you all!!!!!


Friday, March 02, 2012


There is a lot of talent out there. Artists so wickedly talented and the shitty thing is a lot of them, you might have never heard of before. When we made DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK, it was of the utmost importance to represent independent talent from the cast to the crew and especially in a fucking rocking soundtrack.

Here are the artists responsible for the kick ass sound track on DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK, a little bit about them, their tracks used, and where you can hear them --

Vancouver based quintet Incura formed in the winter of 2005 in Southern Alberta and has since garnered serious attention from the press and audiences alike. The word "genre" thrown around to categorize bands is rarely applied to Incura, as they cross between numerous styles and take influence from every musical moment they hear.

Incura has never been subject to the confines of any single musical style or genre and their live performances are always met with critical acclaim.

Fake Shark – Real Zombie! is a Canadian dance punk band. Formed in 2005, their musical style combines elements of IDM and post-hardcore. The name is a reference to Lucio Fulci's film Zombi 2, where a real shark and a zombie engage in combat. Fake Shark-Real Zombie! was conceived by Maher and Hearn in October 2005 as a way of combining the styles of the bands they liked in hopes to one day open for them.

They met in high school, but didn't form the band until some time after graduation. To complete the band, they recruited (via Craigslist) bassist Dan Hughes and The Heck's former drummer, Malcolm Holt. Around the start of 2007, Hughes left the band and was replaced by The Heck's former and Hot Hot Heat's current bassist, Parker Bossley. The onslaught of MySpace buzz garnered the interest of Vinyl Junkie Records in Japan who released the band's debut album Zebra! Zebra! on April 25, 2007.

The Awkward Stage is a Canadian indie pop band, based in Vancouver, British Columbia and fronted by singer-songwriter Shane Nelken. The band's supporting lineup currently consists of Tygh Runyan on lead guitar, Tony Koelwyn on drums and Chris Mitchell on trumpet and keyboards.

Nelken, who works as a cremationist, had a longtime side career in music as a supporting musician for artists such as A. C. Newman and Sparrow before forming his own band, which consists of Nelken with a rotating cast of other musicians. The Awkward Stage's debut album, Heaven Is for Easy Girls, was released on Mint Records in 2006 and quickly charted on Canadian campus radio and CBC Radio 3, which named the band's song "We're Going for a Ride" one of its Top 94 songs of 2006.

The Stalls were a three piece alternative band from Vancouver, British Columbia. The band often had a revolving backing line but was driven by co-songwriters Danny Singh and CJ Wallis. Backed with over 50 songs, The Stalls played all across North America and regularly played all major venues in and around Vancouver. The Stalls have two songs in the IFC film Dead Hooker In A Trunk called 'No Dialogue, Just Plot' and 'Ballgown Turns Black.'

CJ Wallis abandoned a fifteen year professional hockey career as a goaltender shortly after earning a job interview in New York for Late Night with Conan O'Brien. In lieu of film school, Wallis volunteered for nearly four years aside filmmaker Scott Smith on his award winning debut feature film Rollercoaster, learning and helping to execute every step of production from script to screen. Since then, Wallis has gone onto direct and produce award-winning film, television and music video productions.

Titan Go King's are one of the hundreds (or perhaps thousands) of girl-bands to follow down the cute, spunky, and sometimes silly trail originally blazed by Shonen Knife, to which they along with most pop/punk girl bands in Japan since the '0s owe large stylistic debts. Formed in Kyoto in 1996, the band only performed sporadically until 1998, when they began and gigging more consistently around the Kyoto-Osaka region. They began recording demos the same year, and the punk-centric Benten label.


The Belle Game is an indie pop rock band originating from Vancouver, British Columbia. Formed in July 2009, the band currently consists of permanent members Adam Nanji, Andrea Lo, Alex Andrew, and Katrina Jones. Adam Nanji and Alex Andrew, who met when they were 5 years old, played in a band called The Dazed from 2002-2007. Shortly after the band broke up, Nanji and Andrew began writing solo acoustic material, and after two years, both had released their own EPs. In July 2009, Nanji was offered an opening slot at a show at the Railway Club in Vancouver. Nanji asked Andrew if he would play drums as part of his solo act because he was formerly the drummer of The Dazed. Nanji contacted high school friend Andrea Lo to play the keyboard onstage and sing back-up vocals; however, when the band first practised together, they decided to create a band with both Nanji and Lo on lead vocals.

Adam Nanji had already previously booked studio time at Vogville Studios by the time The Belle Game was founded, so less than a month after the band was started, they headed into the studio and began recording material with producer John Franco. After five days in the studio, the band had three songs to put on to an EP with a previously unreleased solo track by Adam Nanji.

Thank you for listening and get these bands' music because they have a stupid amount of talent and deserve to be wider spread. I could have put in a tasteless DEAD HOOKER joke in that last sentence, but I didn't. I guess I'm growing up.


DEAD HOOKER is #18 on the Amazon Hot New Releases List

Holy poop kittens!

Yes, that's totally a phrase. Um, a Canadian one.

We just got word from a lovely DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK enthusiast that the DVD, recently released by IFC Midnight, has landed itself on AMAZON'S HOT NEW RELEASES LIST. In fact, we've landed at #18!! And we have all of you to thank for it. Thank you for believing in us and our DEAD HOOKER. Thank you for watching! Thank you for telling your friends! Thank you for grabbing a copy! Thank you for wanting its release!

And 18 is a delicious place to be. It's totally legal (ha) and it's the land of the "R" rating.

So here are 18 blood red roses of thank you. We are so grateful to all of you.

Here's the link to our #18 spot!!

Fatally Yours,
Jen and Sylv

DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK Commentary with the Twisted Twins

Have you seen DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK? Want a commentary, but your DVD didn't put out? Well, we can't have that!

Here is the TWO PART commentary for the flick where you get to hear BTS on making the film, crazy how to's with no budget, and our thoughts on our first flick. BIG STUPID THANKS to Adam Barnick who sync'd up the audio for us. A true gentleman.

Please enjoy the twin talk and enjoy the commentary! Thank you to everyone who checked out the flick, bought the DVD, screened it at their fest, shared it with their buddies, you gals and guys are fucking fantastic!!


Twisted Twins & Their Hooker are in the Basement

We are Jason and Shawn and we are in The Basement. But what is The Basement?

The Basement is where movies are watched, mocked, thrilled upon and yelled at. It's where Jason, Shawn, Anthony Michael Bosa, Mike S. and a host of other Basement Dwellers have gathered for years to be entertained.

It's also where Film Reviews From the Basement began before moving onto 92.5FM CFBX Kamloops, the campus/community radio station at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, B.C., Canada. Once the Little Podcast That Could developed a following, it could no longer be contained in some partially below ground dwelling.

But the spirit of The Basement -- which revels independent horror, action, and sci-fi -- remains with Jason and Shawn. And although the show airs live from a radio station attic, the movies are consumed down below, in The Basement.

The rad gentlemen at Film Reviews from the Basement were kind enough to invite us and our DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK into their basement to spew forth our filthy language, talk indie filmmaking, and have a festive horror pow wow. I mega dig this show, it's fucking funny. It's so natural and off the cuff, you feel like you're hanging with your buddies talking horror - except these buddies are hilarious and truly know their horror shit!

Thank you for listening, you sweethearts! Got some exciting news coming up this year - lots of traveling, hope to see you there.


Thursday, March 01, 2012

Rue Morgue talks to the Twisted Twins

Rue Morgue is a fantastical piece of horror media. Being Canadian and so wholly a great resource for the horror culture that we love so dearly, it has always been a favourite reading of our. Having been a fan of the zine for years, it has been a thrill for this pair of twisted fangirls to have had the opportunity to grace its pages - previously for the banning on DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK which was part of the scapegoating usually reserved for horror in lieu of real life abominations that get off the proverbially hook.

Filmmaking duo Jen and Sylvia Soska began their film career in 2009, when they wrote, directed and starred in the evocatively named Dead Hooker in a Trunk. They have recently been putting final touches on their second feature, American Mary – a film that delves into the world of underground surgery. In honor of Women in Horror Month, I tossed a few questions their way to get their opinion on filmmaking, feminism and horror in general.

We were recently given the opportunity to speak with the lovely Patrick Dolan of Rue Morgue and it was a wonderful opportunity to speak about our films - the release of DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK and upcoming AMERICAN MARY - but also talk about how our experience in filmmaking has changed.

Personally, I feel like I've aged fifty years from HOOKER to MARY. A lot has changed. There have been some new experiences that have been rough, but from speaking to fellow filmmakers it all seems to be part of this business which is sometimes referred to as a circus.

Slightly off the topic of horror films, many people think that women are already equals in our society, and as a result they think feminism is a moot point. What is your opinion?

When I started with Dead Hooker in a Trunk, I got talked down to on occasion and had some ignorant comments thrown at me, but that’s life. People are uneducated everywhere and that doesn’t necessarily mean there is a worldwide problem. Then we went on to making our sophomore film, American Mary, and it’s an experience that changed my opinion on the matter. I had some great support from people who couldn’t care less whether they were working with a male or a female team member – it’s all about the work – but not everyone was like that. I had a lot of men argue with me for the sake of arguing with me, questioning my work on the grounds that I’m a “little girl” and unleashing an onslaught of absurdly sexist remarks on me. I’ve had men come onto me and when shot down, make it their personal vendetta to make my life hell. If they don’t get to fuck you in one way, they try to fuck [you] in other ways.

In the interview we talk about going from acting to directing, from maxing out credit cards to working in a higher independent budgeted format, and the reasons why we believe feminism - as a form of equality - is something that is still an important issue. Click here for the full piece. Thank you for reading and supporting us crazy twins!