Thursday, May 24, 2012

Darrionettes are Fucking Amazing

What in the heck is a "Darrionette"? You ever sit there and think, sheesh, what do I get the guy or gal that has everything, particularly the horror fan who has everything? Here's a rock solid answer and a unique and astoundingly beautiful art piece that will blow any receiver the hell away.

DARRIONETTES are custom made marionettes created by Darren Geppetto Moreash.

And his art pieces are to die for. Recently we received the massive honor of our Twisted Twins selves being Darrionetted! The Darrionette had its worldwide appearance on Canada AM, on Thursday May 24th alongside several other amazing Darrionettes and Darren and the lovely Julie Parsons Moreash (btw, Darren carves and Julie paints, hello, power couple!). It was the thrill of a lifetime and we simply must extend our most humble thanks to Darren and Julie and our fucking amazing friends at 430 Productions who asked for this honor for us.

 And you've gotta LOVE 430 Productions as not only are they the ones behind AMERICAN MARY, but they're also the ones letting us infect the airwaves with our show, MONDAYS SUCK.

Check out the DARRIONETTE of the Twisted Twins! (Eep!)

Fatally Yours,
Jen and Sylv

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

American Mary First Screening at the Cannes Market

"If I may indulge in some flagrant cliché abuse, the Soska Sisters are not just going places, but they’re paving the way to an exciting, vital and game-changing career in genre filmmaking. The powerhouses behind Dead Hooker in a Trunk have made their second film, American Mary, which has received its first screening at the Marche du Film at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. The film stars Katharine Isabelle as Mary, a broke medical student who finds herself mired in a bizarre world of underground surgery." -Nia Edwards-Behi, BRUTAL AS HELL
The name Nia Edwards-Behi might sound familiar to you. If not, here is an interesting piece of information that you might not be aware of - the very first screening of DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK, when no one wanted to touch that film with a ten foot pole, happened at the Ghouls on Film Festival in the UK thanks to Nia. The admiration for this woman who truly supports the independent has only grown in the years that we have come to know her. It was a thrill to not only have her, Gaz Bailey, and Rhys Thomas Fowler at Cannes to make a pair of foreigners feel more at home, but an amazing honour to have them in attendance for the first screening of AMERICAN MARY. How appropriate that this sensational woman would reveal the first look of the film.
"Mary is a completely different beast to Dead Hooker. Where Dead Hooker is a loving tribute to B-movies and grindhouse cinema, Mary is a stylish, artful and darkly funny tragedy. This difference is the Soskas’ masterstroke – even the most doubting spectator would struggle to deny the absolute versatility on display between the two films."

I know we've been very hush hush on the flick and going to the Cannes market makes it difficult to check out the screening, but for those of you dying of antic..............pation, check out the full beautiful review. No spoilers - so you're surprises are safe!

Thank you so much to everyone who was a part of this. Very extremely fucking cool of you all.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

American Mary Poster at Cannes

Here is the first look at the AMERICAN MARY poster at the Cannes Film Festival. The film will be making her worldwide market premiere screening on the 17th.

Thank you for snapping this image, Nia Edwards-Behi!! You fucking rock. At the London airport right now, one layover away from hitting Nice, then Cannes.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cannes Schedule American Mary

Here she is, miss America. More directly, here she is in the Cannes Film Festival market screening schedules.

Bonne chance! We travel to France tonight - thank you for the support and will let you know how we do.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Twisted Twins Join The Bloody Best PROJECT

If you don't know, you should know about The Bloody Best PROJECT. It's a little something we've been obsessing over for some time.

"The Bloody Best Project is a celebration of the horror genre and the people who have shaped it into what it is today. We do this by creating high end conceptual images of the very people who have scared us on the silver screen. Never before has a project like this been attempted, but our team- Ama, Autumn, and Roger take on the challenge full force. Our hope is to bring you a beautiful, twisted, and dark collection of images that will showcase the amazing talent of legendary scream queens, slashers, monsters, directors, FX artists, and of the minds and talent that have created nightmares for decades. This project has stemmed out of our life long love and enthusiasm for the horror genre and our goal is to channel that passion into this project and bring you art that is awe inspiring, gut wrenching, and that immortalizes the bloody best- the legends of the horror industry."

It is a profound honor that Sylvia and myself have been asked to take part in this astounding project. I know it's a rarity, but I am truly speechless. We will be shooting with the disgustingly talented Ama Lea at the end of this month in beautiful LA after we return from our trip to the Cannes Film Festival with our AMERICAN MARY. We are dying to be shot fro this project and to share the images with you. Let me tell you, the concept is to die for.

In the meantime, feast your eye on the Official The Bloody Best PROJECT Site and these gore~geous images in this blog featuring some truly outstanding talents and icons of horror including James Gunn, Adam Green, Brea Grant, Danielle Harris, RA Mihailoff, and soooo many others.

Fatally Yours,
Jen and Sylv

Mondays Suck ~ The Twisted Twins on the Radio

 Yes, it's an undeniable factoid. Mondays Suck, but we're doing our part to make them just that little bit more awesome.

The fucking incredible people behind AMERICAN MARY at 430 Productions are bringing you even more wicked awesome with, an amazing new experience featuring....

"DJ's from ALL over the world that will bring there own musical styles and tastes... Entertainment shows, News, and live stream Music and Pro Wrestling shows...... There will be something for everyone... Tune in and we hope you enjoy ...." 

When 430 Productions asked if we wanted to invade the airwaves with totally UNCENSORED content, how could we possibly refuse? Our very first show is TOMORROW. It's our very first time, so forgive any truly Amish moments, grab some refreshments (I highly encourage your favorite tasty beverage), and tune in for our very special brand of inane banter. It's about to get wicked up in this bitch!

And if that's not cool enough, NEXT MONDAY we will be coming to you LIVE from the Cannes Film Festival!! You don't want to miss out, be there or be in the suck of Mondays. Tune into our show, MONDAYS SUCK, every Monday night 7pm (PST) to 10pm (PST).

 Check it out on FACEBOOK



Fatally Yours,
Jen and Sylv

UPDATE!!! The Kickoff first episode of MONDAYS SUCK will start next week on Monday, May 21st, live from the Cannes Film Festival at 7pm PST -- hope to have you listening in!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Podcast with our Ma and Char Hardin

Last year we had our very first Girl's Night Out Podcast with Char Hardin. At that time, we chatted about the immense amount of shit our mom took then threw back at the teachers and principal at elementary school who didn't think it was 'appropriate' for her daughters to be reading Stephen King as ten year olds. Reading is reading and having these stories to read and being able to talk about the content with our ma was a very sweet bonding experience. So, Char thought it would be a rad idea to have a Mother's Day podcast.

Fast forward to today - we did our Mother's Day podcast with our beloved Ma and Char! It was incredibly fun especially to celebrate Mother's Day in this way. I owe a lot to mother for the person that I grew up to be, we were very lucky to have someone who stood by our strangeness and supported us to become the women we are today.

Check the rad podcast here!

Thank you for this wicked awesome opportunity, Char! Thank you for checking out this podcast! Have a wickedly fucking awesome Mother-loving Mother's Day!!!


Yes, We Cannes!


It's time to celebrate!


AMERICAN MARY is getting its world wide market premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, aka the filmmakers field of dreams. To spread the glorious news, we decided to celebrate, independent filmmaker style, as we, the Twisted Twins, will be accompanying the film to the festival.


GORE~geous photos by the insanely talented Shimona Henry (

Please enjoy.

See you in France, boys and grrls!


First Look at Antonio Cupo in American Mary

As know should be well aware, us Twisted Twins are off to the most magical place on Earth. No, not Disney Land. Well, not unless they have beer gardens there now... We are off to the gore~geous Cannes Film Festival with our much loved, highly anticipated feature film, AMERICAN MARY, which will be having its world wide market premiere at the festival.

In celebration of the film making it's way all the way to Crème de la Crème of film festivals, we are at long last giving out a little taste of the feast that is AMERICAN MARY.

Here is the official first look at our leading man in the film, the talented, the beautiful, and to die for Antonio Cupo as Billy Barker.

Please enjoy and stay tuned. There's SO much more to come.

Something wicked this way comes...

Friday, May 11, 2012

First AMERICAN MARY Screenshot Released

In celebration of AMERICAN MARY making its world wide market premiere at the Cannes Film Festival next week, we have released the first official screenshot from the film featuring Katharine Isabelle as Mary Mason meeting with two potential clients.

Please enjoy.

Fatally Yours,
Jen and Sylv

American Mary hits the Market at the Cannes Film Festival

Some girls dream of kids and weddings, Jen and I dreamt of horror stories and film festivals. In a very real way, AMERICAN MARY is like an offspring and the Cannes Film Festival is better than a wedding, prom, and all that shit squished together. On the 17th, her world market screening premiere will take place at the Gray D'Albion Hotel with a very exclusive invite list, the first ever look at the film will be available at our booth - Riviera B3 - in the form of a stellar Cannes exclusive trailer, along with potential private screenings at our own theatre at the booth.

I have never left North America, I feel beyond honoured to have the privilege of taking the film to Cannes and showing them what kind of great independent films can be made from the fucking fantastic cast and crews we have in Canada. Last night, we got together with our AMERICAN MARY team for a special pre-Cannes send off.

The film was a labor of love - everyone took a hit and worked their asses off to make something that was beautiful and at the highest level of quality. You can tell the passion of these professionals in every frame. I will never forget the team that made this possible, this isn't a usual story - you don't get too many happy endings in life like this, I'm going to make the most of this privilege to do good by the team and the people who have supported us to make this possible.

Thank you so kindly from the bottom of our hearts. You've opened the whole world up to us!


Yes, We Cannes!!!!

Photo shoot with the brilliantly talented Shimona Henry coming to promote what is one of the biggest events of our lives, AMERICAN MARY hitting the Cannes Film Market and having her World Market Premiere screening. Not too many independents get such an honour, it's been a long time dream of ours to take a film over there.

With the support of a great team - the people who have killed themselves to make this film great - we are going to work our asses off and make the most of this incredible opportunity.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our insanity to get us to this point. We did it, you guys!


Thursday, May 03, 2012

Haunted Magazine Uncensored with the Twisted Twins

BIG, epic, sexy ass news, boys and grrls. Do you enjoy our Twisted Twins inane banter? Well, NATURALLY, "inane banter" is in the eye of the beholder and what about uncensored inane banter? Get ready for the mother load, as the Twisted Twins have joined forces with HAUNTED MAGAZINE, getting 4 pages of UNCENSORED bliss to speak about whatever we please. Our first piece is coming directly from the Cannes Film Festival. Sexy as hell? I think so.

But, wait, there's actually more....

Everyone who purchases the current issue of HAUNTED £1.69 for over 160 pages of the BEST paranormal and horror that you can shake a scary stick at and go Grrr.. and emails the paypal receipt back, mentioning the Soska Sisters gets a FULL years subscription to HAUNTED (normally £11.99) for just the price of one issue...

so all you gotta do is visit follow the instructions, when your email arrives for you to download the magazine, you email their receipt to mentioning the Soska Sisters and you get a FULL years subscription.

Get ready, darlings. Something wicked this way comes...

Jen and Sylv