Monday, June 28, 2010

All Things Horror and Awesome for Hooker

Did you ever see the Norm MacDonald film 'Dirty Work' - directed by the wonderful Bob Saget? We did. As a kid, there was this dead hooker in a trunk joke... and well, I guess it's left it's comical mark on us. As did the dead hooker in the mattress of 'The Misbehavers' in Robert Rodriguez's segment of 'Four Rooms'. Aw, dead hookers - always there when you need them.

It is evident that Mike Snoonian, of All Things Horror, has also seen 'Dirty Work' with his review of 'Dead Hooker in a Trunk' whimsically entitled 'Dead Hooker in a Trunk (doing Norm McDonald proud)'. But first, what is the All Things Horror site? Well, listen for a boo or two, girls and boys.

"All Things Horror is run by two friends who share a love of the taste of karo syrup, the smell of latex, and the sight of stupid teenagers making terrible decisions.

Head contributor Mike Snoonian has been putting off his first novel for this site. He promises you that his Vampires do not sparkle, because that would just be stupid. In his spare time he watch way too many horror movies and is obsessed with his cats. His wife would like to remind him not to make a mess.

Chris Hallock has worked on two feature films and a number of short films in the Boston area, as well as directed a New England-based horror film festival.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the site, would like to contribute as a columnist, would like to submit your work for review or have an event to promote, please contact us. If you want to trade links for your site, ditto. Send all email to"

Mike certainly know his horror movies. As a matter of fact, he knows a lot about all sorts of rad movies. What did he think of 'Dead Hooker in a Trunk'? Read his radcore review here. You'll be glad that you did!

Also, are you in Boston? Would you like to see 'Dead Hooker in a Trunk' for yourself? That's good, because there is an upcoming Boston screening! Stay tuned for delicious details.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nothing Like A Little Savage Love...

"Get a group of friends together, grab a beer (or your bong) and prepare to have fun, something that the rest of the world has apparently forgotten about." ~Shawn Savage, The Liberal Dead

Now, if you don't live in Vancouver the humor of this blog title is more likely than not completely lost on you. But rest assured, it's very funny.

We Twisted Twins are overjoyed to be able to bring you a gore~geous review for DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK written by mister Shawn Savage of The Liberal Dead. That above quote is merely an appetizer. For the main course aka to read the full review, find it HERE.

Blood soaked best,
J & S

Pollygrind Pics

We couldn't be happier to have received a package filled with our awards from the 2010 Pollygrind film festival. Thank you again to Chad Clinton Freeman, all the wonderful judges of the Pollygrind, Everette Hartsoe, and the incredible audience of the Pollygrind.

Check out all the pics HERE.

Your Twisted Twins

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dead Hooker In A Trunk enters into Rob's Movie Vault

"Occasionally you get someone who starts out in the realm of no-budget grindhouse-type fare but is too good for it. David Cronenberg was one. His young fellow Canadians Jen and Sylvia Soska, twin sisters whose gory calling card is Dead Hooker in a Trunk, may be two others." ~ Rob Gonsalves, Rob's Movie Vault

Words like that leave even a Twisted Twin speechless.

Rob Gonsalves, of Rob's Movie Vault, reviews DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK. His review of the film is not only beautifully written, intelligent, and thoughtful, but he truly sees the film the way we had hoped audiences would see it. Please do treat yourselves to a little look and perusal of his work. He's a man of taste with a real knowledge of film. Check out the film review HERE and bookmark his site, Rob's Movie Vault, for a well informed, enjoyable, and down right addictive source for all your film needs.

You'll be happy that you did.

Blood soaked best,
Your Twisted Twins

Friday, June 18, 2010

Gore~geous Geek Art by Miki Hickel

I woke up this morning with a text from one of my favorite people in the known universe. My beloved sister, Hannah Neurotica. Now if you don't know Hannah from Ax Wound by now, I'm afraid there may be no hope for you. Ax Wound is the defining voice for women in horror chalk full of brilliance and blood. Go grab yourselves a few back issues and bask in the grindhouse gory glory.

Anywho (I can go on tangents that would leave Holden Caulfield's head spinning), I was instructed to check out facebook. Do not pass go or in this case do not feed my cat that is desperately attempting to win my attention, proceed directly to facebook. I logged on and was blown away, just floored, by Miki Hickel's incredible artwork of Geek from Dead Hooker In A Trunk.

It is beautiful, just take a peak up at it.

I want to humbly thank Miki for this great honor from the very bottom of my demented little heart and share its collective awesome~ness with all of you.

Blood soaked best!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Look Mom, It's The Best DHIAT Review Ever!

In our lives, there are moments that are just cool.

Moments that take you away from your shitty day job, that cunt that was a cunt to you, screaming kids, ailing loved ones, mountains of bills, or whatever form of suck you have to deal with. Yesterday after working til the wee hours we found that there was a new review up for 'Dead Hooker in a Trunk' by Zach Shildwachter of It was so beyond cool, that we are still smiling about it today. It was so rad that I was tempted to call my mom, but 2am is never the best time to call.

Firstly, Zach has an extremely entertaining and articulate style of writing. His word usage and analogies are fucking hilarious and hip. Secondly, he knew his shit inside and out on the crew, cameos, music, production, stunts, and everything about the film inside and out. Incredibly insightful, thoughtful, and in depth review. It gives you a real insider feel to what it's like to make a low budget indie with such a kick ass team.

If you haven't seen the film yet, are wondering what it's like -- check out his kick ass review here. If you dig what you hear and want to support this indie horror pass it along.

Who was on the team that made 'Dead Hooker in a Trunk'? Some of the most talented, genuinely rad, hard working people you could ever hope to get to work on your set. It's not everyday that you find such a level of talent come behind such a crazy idea.

Thank you for all the emails and messages regarding screenings and screening requests. That deceased slut might be coming to a venue near you soon! If not, let us know and we'll do our best to get it there.

Your friendly neighbourhood (because in Canada we put in a 'u') Twisted Twins,
~Jen and Sylv

Friday, June 11, 2010

Zombies Don't Run... But They DO Watch Movies

Every zombie fan knows it. A real zombie doesn't run. A demon with zombie like appearance may run, a biological experiment may scamper after its victims, Rob Zombies will rock your socks off, and an involuntary specimen infected with "rage" will chase you to the ends of the Earth. But real zombies hobble. Everyone knows that.

A man who knows this indisputable truth is a mister Chuck Conry, of the aptly named site "Zombies Don't Run". He recently checked DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK. Wanna know what he had to say? Check out HIS REVIEW HERE. But reader beware, if you haven't seen the film there are a couple spoilers ;) AND if you haven't seen the film yet, perhaps come meet up with us in LA next month and check it out! If not the film, let us know where you are and we'll do our very best to get it shown in your town!

And a very special thanks to mister Conry for reviewing the film. There is just so many lovely, VERY quotable things said in his review, but you'll have to read it yourself...

Your Friendly Neighborhood Twisted Twins

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Love love love LA. Jen and I try to head south to California as much as we can. Living in beautiful, but often rainy Vancouver, makes the sunny state just even sweeter.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the LA premiere screening of 'Dead Hooker in a Trunk' to take place at this year's 'Bleedfest'. 'Bleedfest' is a film festival created by Elisabeth Fies -- a fellow filmmaker and activist -- who is keeping the spirit of 'Women in Horror' month strong all year long. Elisabeth's new film, 'The Commune', looks sick by the by. But I'm the kind of gal who is a sucker for coming of age, psychotic new-age cult thrillers that fuck up your head. Who isn't?

'Bleedfest' will be take place Sunday July 18th at the Two Roads Theater in Sherman Oaks in Los Angeles. It will be playing as an adjunct to Pretty/Scary's 'Viscera Festival' on July 17th, which will feature horror shorts by women -- even a little Dead Hooker for you, boys and girls. Speaking of which, it was Pretty/Scary's Heidi Martinuzzi that first introduced Hooker to Elisabeth during WiH month which was beyond rad.

For those of you who aren't familiar with her work, Heidi is the co-creator and editor-in-chief of Pretty/Scary -- the web community devoted to the study of women in horror. You can see her sharp intellect and smart writing everywhere from numerous online and print entertainment magazines like Film Threat, CFQ, Femme Fatales, Zink,, Dark Side,, Hustler, Fangoria, and She is also on the nomination committee for the Scream Awards. Currently, she is directing and producing a documentary about women who are married to horror filmmakers titled 'Brides of Horror'. Last time we were in town we missed meeting Miss Martinuzzi, this time we get to hang.

There looks to be a weekend long cool selection of features and shorts from female horror filmmakers from all over lined up, so come on down. See the indies, support the artists, meet some rad film folks. Looking very forward to this event -- this will be the first time we see the new cut of Hooker play in front of an audience, so if you can make it down, we would dig to see how you dig the film!

Jen and Sylv

Wednesday, June 09, 2010


I remember once, when we were younger, our mom took us to go see 'The House on Haunted Hill'. I love seeing movies in the theaters. When the lights go dark and the music gets loud, anything can happen. You never know if you're going to see something that leaves a mark on you.

There was another similar movie out at the same time (both were remakes of the still creepy today, 1959 House on Haunted Hill) called 'The Haunting' and it was pretty dull. Too many obvious effects, predictable story, you all know what a bad horror is like.

Well, maybe that's the movie the girls' birthday party that sat two rows ahead of us had meant to see because they really made this trip to the theater memorable.

So, the lights go out, the trailers play, the movie starts. It begins with a flashback to the old insane asylum that the 'house' was originally used as. Doctors are operating on patients without anesthesia, experimental surgeries that birth evil in horror stories, the crazies seem to be especially excitable tonight. A man in an office is sharpening pencils. There is a birthday party of about twelve girls sitting in front of us. They are giggling and talking. Their moms are also chatting.

Jen and I both know that shit is about to go down. Those crazies are just a little extra crazy tonight. They start to break free. A patient grabs the pile of newly sharpened pencils and uses them to stab a man through the throat. Screams.


One girl starts screaming, they all start screaming. Some get up and run out of the theater. The head mom stands and starts acting like a traffic director, she motions for the rest of the girls to run out of the theater with a scared chant of, 'Go, go, go, go, go!'

My sister, my mom, and I all exchange looks and giggles. We love horror movies. Jen and I grew up on them. Sometimes, you get lucky, and get to witness people actually getting scared at one of them. The rest of the film was pretty rad, a CG monster towards the end soured it for me, but overall it was a cool flick. I heard that during the throat slit scene of 'Interview With The Vampire' that many people walked out of the theater.

I haven't witnessed a walkout/ runout in a long time but it just adds to the charm of horror. Sure, people might walk out of a truly crap movie. But only horror makes them run out screaming.

Jen and I are writing a new project. It's coming together quickly. My mind is wandering to all sorts of happy horror memories and I felt like sharing. Thanks for reading, boys and girls.

Talk soon,