Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sandpaper Kisses

Laurence Harvey is fucking awesome. And very kind to his fangirl public. This is a treasured item in my office, with barb wire I look at it fondly.


American Mary is on Amazon UK's Top 40 Hot New BluRay Releases List!!

No words can describe how much gratitude we feel for you, ladies and gentlemen, for putting us there. Thank you from the bottom of our black twisted hearts.



*dance of joy with Jen*


Debs Draws the Dead Hooker Twins

Wicked Badass and Geek by Debs Cadden. Very appropriate for tonight's HOOKER WATCH ALONG!


HorrorTalk TV Talks to Katie & The Twins


“Welcome back to our web-based TV show featuring the latest news, trailers and interviews from the horror genre. Apologies for the delay, but we had to hold back slightly so we could bring you some of the material contained in the show.  
In this episode: *Sharon Richard Kerrigan, producer of the up-and-coming ‘zombie apocalypse in a toilet’ movie Stalled. *At Birmingham’s MCM Expo the director, producer and star of The Casebook of Eddie Brewer talk about their paranormal horror film. *Ilan and Sharon join the hottest directors working in horror, the Soska sisters, plus the beautiful actress Katharine Isabelle on the American Mary UK tour. *We take a look at the first official trailer for Dead of the Nite, starring Tony Todd, a film we featured in the very first episode of the show. There are also trailers for the completely insane John Dies at the End and Manborg. *Plus a chance to win American Mary on Blu-ray and DVD. On with the show!  
Hope you’ve enjoyed this slice of HorrorTalk TV and as usual if you have any feedback, good or bad, hit us up by email and let us know.” 

Billy Chainsaw Beautiful

Jesus Novoa’s fantastic American Mary vase from Billy Houlston!


Dead Hooker Watch Along Tonight!

Tonight at 8PM Jen and I will be watching DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK and giving commentary on Facebook. Join us, join the tread, and have some merry hooker hijinks. 

We got kicked off twitter within 12 minutes last year, but Facebook is cool. Come hang with the cool kids, pop your Hooker in and play with us! 


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

American Mary for the Americans

Are you American? Looking forward to getting your US release copy of American Mary? We got you covered with - that you can sign up for and be the first to know where and when you can watch the film!



Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mark Kermode Makes American Mary His DVD/BluRay of the Week

Mark Kermode was kind enough to name American Mary as his DVD/BluRay of the week, saying that Jen and I will go on to do great things. Means a lot to have this kind of support early in our career. Thank you to everyone who has been standing with us and our crazy work. 

Here's the clip - the MARY talk occurs at the 8 minute mark.


Miki Hickel Gets Twisted

I ADORE this pic of Jen and me by the ridiculously talented, Miki Hickel. Twinning epic win.


Friday, January 25, 2013

Sneak Preview of New Fake Shark-Real Zombie Album!!!!

Fake Shark - Real Zombie! is fucking brilliant. That name might sound familiar as the band's sound and Kevvy Mental's tracks have been a part of both Dead Hooker in a Trunk and American Mary - new CD is killer! If you haven't checked them out yet, treat your ears to some radness.



Thursday, January 24, 2013

Glasgow American Mary Screening Q & A


"A test of some new set up of the audio and lights in the GFT.. still getting the balance right."

- Sylv

IGN Favorite Horror Games


"American Mary writer-directors Jen and Sylvia Soska pick their favourite horror games, including Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Fatal Frame."


IGN Fifteen Second Pitch



Talking to Mary(s)

You are under heavy prosthetic makeup in the film. Did you find it constrictive are was it freeing as an actress? 
TR: Not in the least. I found it unsettling to pass by certain reflective surfaces and see someone else’s face. In theatre I have done a lot of mask work and I love creating strange characters in my burlesque, so this was kind of a wet dream for me to play something so extreme. I think at this point it may be more of a challenge to do a film with my own face since there would be so much more to be aware of. On a strangely narcissistic note, while I know everyone will adore Beatrice, it’s a little daunting to wonder if when faced with my own features if I can still win people over in my next project... (full interview)
I feel you are the moral center of the film, representing the road that leads to ruin. What can you tell me about Ruby Realgirl’s motivation for her decision? 
PL: I think Ruby feels her decisions are a natural creative extension of herself.  Do I think there’s a deeper reason she wants to desexualize herself? Some sort of past trauma?  Yes. Maybe it’s her own convoluted way of taking her power back, like Mary does in the film. (full interview)
On to American Mary – how did you find each other to make this film? Katharine, what drew you to it? 
KI: They… 
JS: I wrote it for her!  That’s a big rule as a director: never write for an actor because you don’t know if you’ll end up being disappointed… Maybe they’re not available, or when you meet them maybe they’re not the people that you were hoping they were… but Katie was WAY worse than what we’d imagined. 
KI: Huge letdown! 
JS: No, she’s like the Fassbender to our Steve McQueen. Katie’s our special one. 
SS: We were such big fans from Ginger and we watched everything and when you see the movie this is going to sound cruel, but this is something I’ve always wanted to see Katie do. I was so lucky that not only was she what I hoped she would be from watching all her movies, but she was even better. She only had three takes to do anything – we had 15 days, a lesser actress would have fucked this movie up so bad but she was just brilliant in it! I can’t say enough good things about her. 
KI: I like those answers. (full interview)
Sylvia Soska: At the time we were trying to sell our first film, Dead Hooker in a Trunk and nothing was happening, we were incredibly broke from that experience, we were going down to LA being very green and had no idea really what we were doing and we were meeting some real industry monsters.

Jen Soska: That hasn’t changed much.

Sylvia Soska: No not too much.

Then we had ailing family members who were in the hospital all the time and I was talking to a friend and he was like ‘You should focus on your next project, what other scripts do you have?’ and I had nothing!

So I thought ‘Nope, I’m going to lie’ and I made up a sentence for every movie that I thought I could write in two weeks.

Jen Soska: It’s really a life lesson, when in doubt, lie. (full interview)
SS: They saw how much of a fan-girl I was and I carry a modification hook in my purse… 
(Sylvia produces a hook from her bag) 
SS: When my balls drop – not Superman style, because I’m too much of a pussy! – I want to do the shoulder suspension, not only because I want to know what that transcendence is like, but if I did it then a lot of people will be like “Well, if that little chick can do it…”

JS: Street cred!

SS: Stop pretending it’s a big freakish thing, it’s kind of cool.

KI: I don’t know. I’d get 3D implants. I don’t know enough about it to know where you could do it though. I would want some shoulder/arm ones.

SS: You could do that. (full interview)

FLASH BANG's interview with Katie & the Twins 


Brutal As Hell: (trying and failing to casually get notes out) I’ve got notes.
Jen Soska: “Ladies, why are you such cunting fucks?”
BAH: Wha- when did you see this sheet?
(More laughter. Go me.)
BAH: Hello Katharine Isabelle, hello… (attempts to guess – Sylvia whispers her name) Sylvia Soska! Okay, right, I wouldn’t have known that at all, obviously – I mean, I would have known. Ahem.
(More laughs. I’m on a roll.)
BAH: And Jen Soska. Hello.
JS: Hello Ben.
BAH: So first of all, how is life on the road treating you?
Sylvia Soska: We’re like a band. It’s a good thing we like each other, because we could have killed each other by now.
JS: We’re pretty much Led Zeppelin right now.
Katharine Isabelle: Yeah, we’re pretty much Led Zeppelin. (full interview)

FLICKS AND THE CITY interview Katie & the Twins

Katharine, do you feel you play a feminist heroine in the film?
Katharine: I absolutely do. I’ve done a few horror movies and it’s absolutely refreshing. The character of Mary on paper has no redeemable qualities. She’s not that pleasant, she’s not that kind, she has no friends, she has no family. She’s very narcissistic and self-absorbed, and that was refreshing in itself. I tried my best to make the character likeable without sweetening anything, without dumping any radical rigid feminist plotlines and themes! (laughs) I think it was the most true-to-life character that I’ve ever had the opportunity to portray because all the time in film women are, like Sylvia said earlier, those sort of easy bake kind of cookie images, like the slut, the tease, the good girl next door. And to have a character that was so multi-dimensional, that didn’t have any particular redeeming qualities, but was still likeable, was still strong, was still interesting and stood up for herself and gave not one fuck about anyone else, or what anyone else thought, or what anyone else expected of her, is something that I think we need to see more of in film and in society in general. (full interview)

Sylvie is more categorical: “We’re undatable, and after this movie, we’re even more undatable.” When American Mary showed at the market in Cannes, she recalls, “a gentleman started hitting on me. He said, ‘What are you doing here?’ I said, ‘I’m here for the movie, which I made with my sister.’ He said, ‘I hope it’s good.’ The movie plays, he looks at me, grabs his coat and speed-walks out. There you go.” (full interview)

SayWhatNews: In the horror film, ‘American Mary’ you played Billy Barker - a weathered and detached entrepreneur in the adult entertainment business. How did you prepare for this role?

Antonio: I showed up. Haha…. no seriously, Billy Barker was an idea I had of someone who is trying to hold on.. disgruntled, unsatisfied and a soft souled hard-ass. We all have many personalities that we don’t always tap into. I had to dig up some stuff that I didn’t know was available deep down but in the end Billy’s attributes are a part of who I am in some way. But all that gets locked in some character storage locker of your soul and you move on. (full interview)

- Sylv

Killer Kate Artwork

Brilliant picture of Jen and me by Kate Simmonds! So fucking cute.

- Sylv

Saturday, January 12, 2013

IGN Exclusive American Mary Clip

Fancy a spot of unnecessary necessary surgery in this IGN exclusive American Mary clip featuring Mary's home surgeon skills, featuring Katharine Isabelle, Jen Soska, Marius Soska, and sexy soundtrack - 'I Want Your Body' - by Kevvy Mental.


- Sylv

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Fright Fest Cast Interview

"We speak to the directors, writers and producers of 'American Mary' - the Soska sisters - as well as stars Katharine Isabelle and John Emmet Tracy."


BloodGuts Talks to the Twins

"Jen and Sylvia Soska can be found all over BloodGuts. We won't shy away from the fact how great they are and how fresh the movie industry is with them in it. In 2009 they wrote/directed/produced and starred in indie sensation 'Dead Hooker In A Trunk' with its twisted humour and plentyful of claret it proved an underground success. And it's follow up, 'American Mary' has already earned rave reviews on the festival circuit and will soon be available for all to enjoy with both a limited cinema release and it's release on DVD/Blu-Ray on 21st January.

American Mary is based around the world of body modification and revolves around Mary Mason who delves deep into the underground world and taking a personal touch to the art. The Soska Twins don't hide any secrets as the beauty and the sometimes disturbing art becomes a masterpiece on the screen.

To find out what we thought of the film click HERE to read our full review and read on to see what these amazing ladies had to say when we caught up with them."



Leaving For London Tonight!




Jen and I have our bags packed, our new Enigma Arcana dresses ready to go, and our arms ready to hug the living fuck out of everyone. I feel so lucky to have this opportunity to come over to the UK for the Film4 FrightFest presented American Mary theatrical tour before the big Universal Pictures UK DVD/BluRay release. Thank you to everyone who is coming out, forcing friends to come out, and getting the word out.

The screenings will be in these cities on these days with Jen, me, and Mary (aka Katharine Isabelle) in attendance --

Fri January 11 - 6.45 pm - Prince Charles Cinema, London

Sat January 12 - 10.00 pm - Edinburgh Filmhouse

Sun January 13 - 7.30 pm - Glasgow Film Theatre

Mon January 14 - 8.30 pm - Sheffield Showroom

Tue January 15 - 9.00 pm - Hyde Park Picture House, Leeds

Wed January 16 - 8.40 pm - Bristol Watershed

Thu January 17 – 10.15 pm - Duke of York - Brighton

Additional show added by demand
Fri January 18 - 6.30 pm - Prince Charles Cinema, London 

And when you see the film, please share your thoughts - 

On Rotten Tomatoes -

And Amazon -

And IMDB -

Let them know that this is the kind of film you want to see in theatres and continue being made in the genre. A different film like this gets a life it could never otherwise with your generous support. 

I might be kind of, sort of offline a bit, BUT we'll be doing a daily blog of our adventures for Film4 Fright Fest, so be sure to check that out - AND SEE YOU SOON in the flesh in the darkened theatres.


Tuesday, January 08, 2013

CM Punk & Dead Hooker in a Trunk

It's John Mammarappallil birthday today and he got Jen and me an incredible gift. Do you remember a few months back when CM Punk said he was watching HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN and DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK?

Well, John met CM and got him to sign our DVD for us. It's so sweet and thoughtful and kind. John, you are fucking awesome!!! Happy birthday, you phenomenal human being.


Twisted Twins: The Movie

I want to make this film. Fantastic graphic of Jen and me by the lovely Carl Haddonfield!!


Ok, Ramblers, Let's Get A'Rambling




The Film4 FrightFest theatrical presentation of American Mary is days away, Jen, Katie, and I are on a plane tomorrow, and we cannot wait to see you at the screenings, before the wicked Universal Pictures UK DVD/BluRay release later in the month. Need info & tickets, go here --

I want to thank everyone for their support, getting people to come out, reviewing the film, and getting the word out. There is one huge thing you can do that will really help the film because it's you ladies and gentlemen that can really make all the difference for a film like this, tell people what you think...

Share your thoughts on Rotten Tomatoes -

And Amazon -

And IMDB -

... it would make a huge world of difference. Tell people that this is the kind of film you want to see in theatres and continue to be made in the genre. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and really looking forward to seeing you in the UK. Thank you for the messages and the posts, let's paint the town red, shall we?