Monday, December 14, 2009

Bleeding for Women In Horror Month

This coming February has been designated as the first ever Women In Horror Recognition Month. It shall be the first of many.

As we all know, women are an important part of film in all genres and the horror film industry is no exception. Yes, women do get a lot of recognition for the good they do and the legacies they leave behind, but Women In Horror have yet to be recognized in a manner such as this. And we're not just talking about the busty B movie bombshells that get covered in blood and gore while fighting passionately against the forces of darkness. The true legends...

What would Alien films have been without the talented miss Ripley? Who could scare the living crap out of grown men as easily as the possessed Regan in Exorcist? Or what about the brilliant female director, Mary Harron, who put herself on the front lines to take on an enraged group of feminists and bring us American Psycho?

And where does the blood come in? Well, you can't think "horror" without thinking of blood and guts and since we're quite attached to our vital organs, we Twisted Twins got to thinking about how we can give back in a way that honors Women in Horror and has a massive impact on the world. The answer seemed simple. Blood. After all, it's in you to give.

So, this February, we're inviting you to come along with us to bleed for Women in Horror. It's an incredibly good cause and something that many of us find off putting and terrifying. Time to face our fears and help out those who need us. Time to be fearless like the badass bitches we've come to love and idolize.

So, who can give?

You CANNOT donate if...
*You have traveled outside of the Canada and US, some countries are okay, but you must check in advance.
*You have been to the dentist in 2 to 3 days prior to donating.
*You have gotten a tattoo or piercing in 6 months prior.
*You have received an injection or FLU SHOT 2 days prior.

*You MUST feel completely well.
*You must be between 17 and 61 years of age.
*If you drink, you CAN donate.
*If you smoke marijuana, you CAN donate.
*If you are gay, you CAN donate.

For other questions, please don't hesitate to ask! We, ourselves, will be donating as well, of course! If you wish to come with us, let us know! We will be revealing our date of donation as we get closer to the date.

To book your appointment, call 1-888-2-DONATE (366283). Please book in advance by at least a couple of weeks.


Should you have a FACEBOOK account, you can join the group HERE.

This event IS NOT limited to those in Vancouver. WHEREVER you are, we want you... to bleed for us. Let's paint the planet RED.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Anniversary to tWISted tWINS PRODUCtIONS

On this day, Decemeber 11th, we became incorporated!! We want to take this time to thank everyone for their overwhelming support of us and our work. We had an incredible year and wouldn't be what we are without you, boys and girls.

Highlights of this year include a remastered slicker, quicker, and sexier version of our debut feature, DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK, the launching of our official site and online store, coming in the top three for MTV's Basterdize Tarantino Contest seen televised internationally with TARANTINO'S BASTERDS, getting our hands dirty in the critically acclaimed BLOODSHOTS competition with BAD GIRLS and receiving critical acclaim from Hannah Neurotica of Ax Wound,,, and and coming top three in the fan favorite vote, kicking ass with THE HORNET in the 2009 Vancouver Film Race with coming away with top three best film, best acting ensemble, and best special FX.

A special thanks goes out to mister CJ Wallis for doing everything under the sun to help us out. An incredibly talented film maker himself, he's been a wonderful partner, friend, support, sounding board, and accomplice throughout. If you don't know him by now, shame on you.

Thank you to the femme fatale and kindred spirit badass bitch, Hannah Neurotica, of Ax Wound magazine who has become an incredible friend. Look out for the upcoming issue of Ax Wound featuring an in depth interview with the Twisted Twins and bad boy and personal friend, Eli Roth.

Thank you to our beloved folks who have had unfettering faith and belief in us. We don't have words enough to thank them for their endless support.

And, of course, a very special thanks to all our supporters! Thank you, boys and girls! We promise to make next year even bigger and better than ever! Just you wait to see what we have in store for you...

All our bloody best,
Your Friendly Neighborhood Twisted Twins

Thursday, December 10, 2009

BLOOD PENS available in time for the HOLIDAYS

Along with other goodies, our token BLOOD SYRINGE PENS are now available in time for the holidays! Nothing says Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukka, or "I'm planning to kill you in your sleep" like one of these bad boys. Perfect for stocking stuffers! Check 'em out and other assorted bits of awesome including DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK t-shirts and posters at our tWIStED tWINS StORE today!



Another amazing guest celebrity was filmed this past weekend for PLEASE SUBSCRIBE. Here's a quick look at him along another guest star compliments of Greater Vancouver Zoo.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Horror Queen Hair

Compliments to our beloved stylist, mister Matthew Dunne of Is. Salon, we Twisted Twins are looking lovely with our dark locks beautifully maintained for our upcoming busy month. With heavy work on PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, an upcoming special event being set in motion for the soon to be infamous WOMEN IN HORROR month (this February and EVERY February after!), and oodles of projects (more than we can tell you!), we badass bitches need to be looking our best. If you're in the Vancouver area and want to knock 'em dead, especially this holiday season, do pay mister Dunne a visit.
More info on our upcoming projects coming soon!
Stay tuned, boys and girls... something wicked this way comes...

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Just between us, boys and girls

I can only tell you so many words about American Mary, boys and girls, but I promise I will tell you everything.

There is a new band that we are very very fond of- the very talented Mr. CJ Wallis and the very talented Miss Kayleigh Goldsworthy are Elective. Their first single, The Stitch-Up of Bloody Mary, is fucking rad.

Listen, enjoy. Happy December!