Monday, February 11, 2013

International Responses to American Mary

"“American Mary” has a concept that transcends the horror genre. In many ways the film is political commentary piece, a feminist vignette and a tragedy, with a certain Alice in Wonderland deliriousness that has earned the film a strong cult following. American Mary follows the career journey, and eventually the spiritual degradation, that occurs to an idealistic young woman who abandons the legitimate surgery field in order to go into underground body modification." - Horror Nerds (full article)
 "I am in love with American Mary. 
To say that the Twisted Twins latest film is one of the most anticipated horror films of the past year would be an amazing understatement. I myself couldn't wait to get a hold of the film in some form. It wasn't until the recent UK release that I was happily satiated with the exploits of Mary and her surgical saws. Thank baby Jesus for region-free Blu-Ray players.
I wanna start off by saying that this film looks incredible. The visionary sisters have definitely honed their knowledge of filmmaking since their debut, Dead Hooker in a Trunk. Just watching the film on mute shows that they truly know how to frame a picture. Scene after scene, the eye is treated to works of art. The color depth and the way the film is shot is breath-taking and truly makes American Mary a spectacle to behold." - Film Deviant (full article)
"Now that's a film, especially how they didn't use "Bloody Mary" as the actual title of the movie, but just a name given to her throughout the movie. I loved it. It had a touch of revenge with that torture twist. Katharine Isabelle, was fantastic, she gave a fuck, yet she didn't.
Now, everyone...go watch this film." - Christina, Letterboxd (full article)
"In this sense what sets American Mary apart from the majority of other horror films is the inversion of the usual power relationships between men and women. Mary becomes empowered, as well as both feared and respected by her underworld associates, precisely because she is both beautiful and skilled as a surgeon. A scene in which a character tells Mary how he wished he had known her when he enacted revenge on a youth who was involved in the death of his mother reveals the awe in which he holds her. Ultimately, American Mary accomplishes something of a different order entirely to other recent films which similarly could be termed feminist horror." - The Quietus (full article)
"I get to see so many horror films that I often find myself in an eye-rolling situation when a tired concept is chewed and spat out time and time again, but with this film I found myself enthralled. The Soskas have created something original, refreshing and, considering the budget and timescales (only a 15 day shoot), utterly incredible. I refuse to place this shoulder to shoulder with other low budget films as this crisply executed piece kicks many larger budgeted films' backsides.

The subject matter is extremely fascinating and I found myself Googling the body-mod community as soon as the film finished (although I could never actually partake – I'm an official wimp). The film is so well done due to the amount of research done and such creativity on the Twisted Twins' part." - Horror Talk
(full article)
"The movie flows beautifully smooth, you just can't fault the directing as it plays out like you're reading a book. It has a raw pyscho-sexual erotic feel in the same vain as "American Psycho" (without Huey Lewis) which is no bad comparison at all. Once again the Twisted Twins have worn their hearts and influences on their sleeves and gave us a superb film, I'd even say another cult-classic." - Raz's Midnight Macabre (full article)
"For the second film from the “Twisted Twins”, it would appear that the sisters have given us a less Robert Rodriquez type of film and more of a David Cronenberg affair, since it is hard to think body modification without thinking David Cronenberg. But what follows is a film that seems like a mix of different methods and styles as Katharine Isabelle explodes on the screen with a performance that I think will finally make people think of Ginger Snaps second now when thinking about her." - Zombies Don't Run (full article)
"The script is solid, the look of the movie is almost exactly what the ladies were after (it brings to mind the style of the better Asian horrors to have appeared in the last decade or so) and the effects scattered throughout are very impressive. Yet, what really transforms American Mary (pun intended) is the fact that it delivers the goods for horror fans who don’t mind some intelligence with their bloodshed and also stands out as something impressively original in a genre that can often be overcrowded with torture movies, zombie films, remakes and sequels.

I can’t wait to see what the Twisted Twins give us next." - Flick Feast
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