Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Random Ass Part Two

"Confession. I prefer a lot of sequels to the originals. The Unforgiven II, Murmaider II: The Water God, Blade 2, Predator 2, Aliens. So, when I found out I could do another interview with The Twisted Twins, The Soska Sisters, The Terrible Twosome (I made that one up) I jumped, again, at the chance.

Only fitting to have a second interview with twins. However, I’ve never had any one make it to the second round. I’m going to have to get even weirder for this one. Or just make it longer. I’ll probably just make it a longer interview.

I did not prefer Bad Boys 2, but this shit just got real."
Read the whole interview here!


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  1. You should read it, it's awesome.

    Definitely Not Spooky Sean