Monday, June 17, 2013

June 21st, Tweet Along American Mary Screening w/ Cast & Crew!

"The Soska sisters have sent out an invite for all of their fans to gather at one time and have a Twitter meet to watch their movie, American Mary. People associated with the film will be in attendance to answer questions. These people include actors Nelson Wong, Clay St. Thomas, Tristan Risk, and Paula Lindberg; producer Angel Morgan LeFay Towle, soundtrack artist Kevvy Mental, plus the directors Sylvia and Jen Soska! You can see all of the details below (from their official event page) plus I added in a pic and a trailer. The question remains: who’s going to join me in watching this movie? I can’t wait!" 

Also, costume designer Enigma Arcana, the actress who plays Nana, Brenda Anderson, casting director, Ann Forry, co-producer, Robyn Wiener, and Billy Barker himself, Antonio Cupo.

Hashtag #AmericanMary - let's trend this shit!!


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