Monday, July 08, 2013

Fake Shemp Talks to the Twisted Twins

What was your favourite film or television show as a child? 

Sylvia: DESPERADO, we would watch that non-stop, over and over again. I wanted to be El, then I grew up, I still want to be El. We watched Darkwing Duck, Beetlejuice, She-Ra, Gem, X-Men - you know, the usual suspects for kids that turn out like us.

Jen: ha ha, obviously we watched all the same shows. There were some films we watched a gratuitous amount of times. PEE WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE, GHOSTBUSTERS, WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT, SCROOGED... oh! And LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS! If it was scary it didn't matter. Our parents talked to us about what we watched and watched with us. More parents really ought to these days.

Were you raised on genre films or was it a self discovery? 

Sylvia: Raised. Watching horror movies with my mom was a really special part of growing up. We always had an interest in it, so my mom encouraged us and would watch the films with us. If we had questions, we would talk about what we were watching. She was smart, she has a rule that if we read the book then we could watch the movie, which lead us to reading Stephen King novels in elementary school.

Jen: Very much raised. Our mum loved horror, so we inherited the horror loving gene. Genre films are just so cool. I fell in love with DESPERADO and how fucking cool it was before I even really got what made it so awesome.



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