Saturday, November 16, 2013

Chirality Nail Polish's New Line, Black is the New Black is Available Now!!

"Now on to these sickeningly beautiful polishes!  
Soska is a black linear holo. When I say Black Holo, I don't mean dark grey holo. I mean black like the inky void. This polish is the truest Black holo I have ever gotten to try, and I loooove it.  
Two layers finds opaqueness, and I used a thin layer of Poshe topcoat, which did not dull the holo effect. I can't tell you how awesome it is to see no greying from the holographic pigment - A real must have!  
The holo itself is strong and very colorful, giving the full spectrum of colors on each nail in most light. It's almost like a pitch black base and a sparkling rainbow were meant to go together!" (full piece here)


"And here is the stunning Soska.  
Soska was named after the (in)famous Soska Twins...aka the Twisted Twins. If you are a fan of horror movies, especially the more underground variety, you may know the Soska sisters from such films as American Mary, Dead Hooker In a Trunk as well as the upcoming See No Evil 2 and ABC's of Death 2. They are a writing, producing, directing and acting powerhouse team, check them out. They've also got an upcoming release in XX, an all-female horror anthology.  
Soska is the creme de la creme of holo. It was virtually a one coat polish! This is the first true linear holo that Chirality has done and they blew it out of the barn. Even my boyfriend oooohed and aaaahed all over it when he saw it!  
This does show the polish at 2 coats, but that was just for photography sake. The formula is spectacular and the holo rainbow in this polish is to die for!" (full piece here)

"On to the polish!! 
First lets check out Chirality's new labels! I think they are very fun and make me think of the 80's. hahaha I dont know why. I think they look better and are easier to see but I do wish they were are transparent on the darker colors. 
This is Soska. 
This polish was inspired by the Soska Twins. They make horror movies including the one I mentioned above as well as Dead Hooker in a Trunk. For this polish I used two coats that covered incredibly well." (full piece here)


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