Thursday, March 18, 2010

Please Subscribe Completed and Already Off to the Festival Circuit

Early yesterday morning, we drove out to the airport to drop a finished copy of "Please Subscribe" to a delivery depot that would fly it overseas for its first go at the festival circuit.

It's really weird after everything is done after a film is completed. It's an odd calm. This was one of the best experiences I have had making a film, and my first time working on a non-fictional piece. The talent, David Choi, Happy Slip, Tay Zonday, and Daxflame, that we had the pleasure of following, and filming are some of the most genuinely kind and interesting people ever. The collaboration between the Twisted Twins and FortyFPS Productions was a lot of fun, in particular because this was the first feature the three of us, CJ Wallis, Jen and me, had worked on together since "Dead Hooker in a Trunk".

Once we have our future plans with "Please Subscribe" underway we will be posting more for you, girls and boys, but until then, the film is done! Wo-hoo!

New BTS photos have been added to Flickr, so check it out for a boo or two!


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