Monday, June 28, 2010

All Things Horror and Awesome for Hooker

Did you ever see the Norm MacDonald film 'Dirty Work' - directed by the wonderful Bob Saget? We did. As a kid, there was this dead hooker in a trunk joke... and well, I guess it's left it's comical mark on us. As did the dead hooker in the mattress of 'The Misbehavers' in Robert Rodriguez's segment of 'Four Rooms'. Aw, dead hookers - always there when you need them.

It is evident that Mike Snoonian, of All Things Horror, has also seen 'Dirty Work' with his review of 'Dead Hooker in a Trunk' whimsically entitled 'Dead Hooker in a Trunk (doing Norm McDonald proud)'. But first, what is the All Things Horror site? Well, listen for a boo or two, girls and boys.

"All Things Horror is run by two friends who share a love of the taste of karo syrup, the smell of latex, and the sight of stupid teenagers making terrible decisions.

Head contributor Mike Snoonian has been putting off his first novel for this site. He promises you that his Vampires do not sparkle, because that would just be stupid. In his spare time he watch way too many horror movies and is obsessed with his cats. His wife would like to remind him not to make a mess.

Chris Hallock has worked on two feature films and a number of short films in the Boston area, as well as directed a New England-based horror film festival.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the site, would like to contribute as a columnist, would like to submit your work for review or have an event to promote, please contact us. If you want to trade links for your site, ditto. Send all email to"

Mike certainly know his horror movies. As a matter of fact, he knows a lot about all sorts of rad movies. What did he think of 'Dead Hooker in a Trunk'? Read his radcore review here. You'll be glad that you did!

Also, are you in Boston? Would you like to see 'Dead Hooker in a Trunk' for yourself? That's good, because there is an upcoming Boston screening! Stay tuned for delicious details.


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  1. Glad I got another horror blogospherer to jump on the DHIAT bandwagon.