Wednesday, June 09, 2010


I remember once, when we were younger, our mom took us to go see 'The House on Haunted Hill'. I love seeing movies in the theaters. When the lights go dark and the music gets loud, anything can happen. You never know if you're going to see something that leaves a mark on you.

There was another similar movie out at the same time (both were remakes of the still creepy today, 1959 House on Haunted Hill) called 'The Haunting' and it was pretty dull. Too many obvious effects, predictable story, you all know what a bad horror is like.

Well, maybe that's the movie the girls' birthday party that sat two rows ahead of us had meant to see because they really made this trip to the theater memorable.

So, the lights go out, the trailers play, the movie starts. It begins with a flashback to the old insane asylum that the 'house' was originally used as. Doctors are operating on patients without anesthesia, experimental surgeries that birth evil in horror stories, the crazies seem to be especially excitable tonight. A man in an office is sharpening pencils. There is a birthday party of about twelve girls sitting in front of us. They are giggling and talking. Their moms are also chatting.

Jen and I both know that shit is about to go down. Those crazies are just a little extra crazy tonight. They start to break free. A patient grabs the pile of newly sharpened pencils and uses them to stab a man through the throat. Screams.


One girl starts screaming, they all start screaming. Some get up and run out of the theater. The head mom stands and starts acting like a traffic director, she motions for the rest of the girls to run out of the theater with a scared chant of, 'Go, go, go, go, go!'

My sister, my mom, and I all exchange looks and giggles. We love horror movies. Jen and I grew up on them. Sometimes, you get lucky, and get to witness people actually getting scared at one of them. The rest of the film was pretty rad, a CG monster towards the end soured it for me, but overall it was a cool flick. I heard that during the throat slit scene of 'Interview With The Vampire' that many people walked out of the theater.

I haven't witnessed a walkout/ runout in a long time but it just adds to the charm of horror. Sure, people might walk out of a truly crap movie. But only horror makes them run out screaming.

Jen and I are writing a new project. It's coming together quickly. My mind is wandering to all sorts of happy horror memories and I felt like sharing. Thanks for reading, boys and girls.

Talk soon,



  1. There's something extra awesome about having the labels 'screaming' and 'happy memory' in the same post :)