Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tony Pulp Spends Quality Time With Our Dead Hooker In A Trunk

"I just found the perfect word to describe this movie: COOL. It's just cool, from start to finish and never letting that down. Let me quote something 'Hey there you bitches, who wants a piece of me? Or are you all to busy sucking cock, or rather fantasizing about cock to suck in the future or past cock sucking experiences?' Damn girl, you are way to cool to go out in public! Have some sympathy." ~ Tony Pulp

Aw, shucks, darlin'! You sure know the way to a Twisted Twins' heart.

From the very beginning of this whole, bloody affair, we had two humble desires. One, to make a film that was pure enjoyment for our audiences. And, two? To share that film with as many people as possible. With the film set to be released in the UK and Australia on May 23rd (that's a mere 4 DAYS AWAY!!) we can happily say that we will indeed be sharing our beloved DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK with quite a poop load of lucky lads and lasses.
To receive a review as gore~geous as this from the ever so lovely Tony Pulp just makes me giddy with antici.......................pation.

But don't take it from little ol' me. Check out the FULL radcore review right HERE!!

And a very special thanks to Tony Pulp. We think your pretty darn cool yourself, my dear.


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