Saturday, June 25, 2011

There's No Crying in Horror Reviews

"You know, as much as I enjoyed writing for as National Horror Examiner (which I still do, from time to time), I have to admit that I felt fettered and held down each and every time I went to write a review or article for them. I'm not even completely sure why, but I never felt like I could be myself, which is why I started D'Ment'D Cinema, and thus, began cutting back a great deal on my work for Examiner.

That being said, there are a few reviews that I wrote while writing for them that I'm pretty proud of, so I've decided to move a few of those from Examiner over here to D'Ment'D.

By now, everyone who reads my work on even a semi-regular basis is aware of how much love and respect I have for Jen & Sylvia Soska, those lovely Twisted Twins from the Great White North, so really wanted to make sure that my review of the Soska Sisters' debut feature film, Dead Hooker In A Trunk, was one of the first reviews that I moved to D'Ment'D. Without any further ado, I give you my review for DHiaT, originally published at National Horror Examiner on December 14th, 2010
..." -Scott Ruth

Why is Scott Ruth so rad? No man can know. Might as well ask heaven what it sees. But in all seriousness, Scott Ruth's piece on DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK has a dear place in my heart. He saw the movie and saw the people dedicated to it. His words not only speak of what occurred on screen, but also the tireless efforts of a group of folks who gave their everything to the film for free because they love making movies. You may have seen/read/heard/etc my referring to Scott as 'making me cry happy tears', this below excerpt is the main culprit --

"Nearly every actor and actress who appeared on screen in DHiaT also served the film in other areas, from camera operators and stunt coordinators to editors and cinematographers. This film is a work of art, and it's a labor of love. Love from fans of horror, and of film in general, who took that love and put it to work, creating a film of their own. And the love and respect that these men and women have for the the genre, as well as for movies as a whole, is very evident throughout the entire film. This is how a movie is supposed to look, sound and feel! There are many filmmakers out there, especially in Hollywood working with billion dollar budgets on films that no true fan of the cinema even cares to see, who could all stand to learn a great deal about the art of filmmaking, and the love that is required when making a movie, from Jen & Sylvia Soska, C.J. Wallis and everyone whose blood, sweat, heart, love and tears went into making Dead Hooker In A Trunk!"

But would the film and the story behind the film remain intact. Scott decided to revisit his screener and had this update on his thoughts --

"As I mentioned in the review, at the time I was less than a month away from my 40th birthday, which has come and passed. Something weird has happened since that time. I've become less cynical about a great deal in life, however, for the most part, when it comes to my love, and respect, for movies, nothing has changed. If it's shit, I'll still call it shit. If it's amazing, I'll still sing it's praises. I recently popped my screener of DHiaT in the DVD player, to give it another watch. You know what happened? I didn't love it the way I did when I first watched it. Nope. I actually loved it even more this time around! I am still in awe of what Jen, Sylvia, C.J. and the entire gang at tWISTED tWINS Productions did on such a small budget. Hell, I'd be equally amazed had they been working with a huge budget. Dead Hooker In A Trunk is one of the greatest modern horror/pulp/grindhouse movies that you'll ever see, so be sure to check it out, when it's released in your country! You won't be sorry!"

I'm not crying right now, but I am deeply touched by the kindness and consideration by this wonderful reviewer, Mr. Scott Ruth. Thank you for enjoying not only the flick, but the people who are an intricate part of making said flick cool.

For those of you you haven't had a chance to check out the rad D'Ment'D Cinema reviews and brilliant writing style of Scott, please click here and be swept away into awesome.


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