Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Twisted Twins Addams Family? Theron Neel scores the FIRST Interview

Wait a minute... aren't we smack dab in the middle of our AMERICAN MARY production? What is this craziness about wanting to take on yet another film right now? And what madness would make us want to take on a huge franchise that's has its rights owned by the powerful people at Paramount?

Well, we've always been a tad on the ambitious and insane side. After all, the very best of us are.

Yes, we are in the midst of our next highly anticipated project, AMERICAN MARY, which we've been rather tight lipped about. And yes, we absolutely do want to have the opportunity to make a Addams Family film. A remake? Oh, no. We don't care for those. Another story that encompasses everything we've all loved about the Addams that pays great tribute to the outstanding and timeless characters created by the late and great Charles Addams? That's the game plan.

Maybe you've heard rumblings about it in the inter~world. It's very true. We even sent out a formal press release saying we want to make this happen and need your help and support to make it possible.

We had the opportunity to speak with our dear friend and outstanding writer, reviewer, and interviewer, Theron Neel, on the subject. If you don't know, you really ought to know the man. He knows his shit and is a brilliant writer. Be sure to check out his kick ass site, Slammed & Damned, and catch him writing on a site we just adore, FanGirlTastic, run by the wonderful femme fatale, Heidi Honeycutt of the Viscera Film Festival.

The result? The kick ass interview and the first we've made talking about this venture.

Check out our FULL ADDAMS FAMILY INTERVIEW here on FanGirlTastic and Slammed & Damned.

And if you would see an Addams Family film made by us, please "like" the group and spread the word. After all, together we're an army.

Bloody Best!

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