Wednesday, November 16, 2011

FearNet's Top Twelve Favorite Hookers in Horror - & They Even Threw in our Dead Hooker for Good Measure!

Fearnet is phenomenal. Edgy, brilliant, thoughtful, fun, and always there for the horror fan like a bouquet of roses to make you fall in love with your favorites all over again. I loved that Alison Nastasi conjured up a list, lovingly entitled 'Stalking the Streetwalkers: 12 Hookers in Horror'. We cannot deny the allure of the female victim, our hearts jump harder when a damsel is in distress, and in the world's oldest occupation, these damsels much like in reality often fall prey to some of the most terrible monsters that can even put their cinematic doppelgangers to shame.

My main interest in the working girl victim is that all too often these women get so dehumanized by society for the work that they do. Many times, their deaths are considered a casual casualty - they're asking for it, right? You see these films, you relate to these women, and suddenly that realization of the actual humanity is there. As it should be.

Now I must admit, our DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK got a ranking between two of my favorite flicks on the list - AMERICAN PSYCHO and FROM HELL. An utter and complete honor. Here is what they had to say about our girl -

"Dead Hooker in a Trunk

The Soska Sisters' debut feature sports a Canadian working girl of the dead variety, stuffed inside the trunk of a car. Four friends make the discovery, which complicates matters and sets them off on a series of deranged encounters with bizarre characters. Even though she's dead, the hooker's role here is essential in forcing the misfit gang to face their own personal demons."

A huge and humble thank you to the team at for their support and especially, Alison Nastasi, for compiling such a fun and fabulous list. Get the whole piece here and maybe plan a day with your buddies for a marathon viewing of these flicks. A day full of hookers, now all you need is some really choice coke.


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