Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Film Deviant Gets More Deviant With Dead Hooker

The Soska sisters have created a gory fucking blasty blast of a film.

Film Deviant is a very wicked cool horror review site that we came to know by one of their sweet writers, Bryan Martinez. These folks love horror - there is a shit ton of reviews on their site for every horror flick you love and many independents that you might have never even heard of. Looking for a new site to get you gore load on? Well, Film Deviant just might be what the doctor ordered - you can check their glossary of horror flicks here and interviews here.

So, Bryan took DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK home to watch with a group of friends the other night. What was the verdict? Did our dead girl manage to handle a large group without disappointing? She is dead after all.
"The Soska Sisters (aka Twisted Twins...because, well, they're twins and they film twisted things) are a fresh breed of filmmakers. In the tradition of Jason Eisner and his Hobo With A Shotgun and Tom Six with his Human Centipede films, Dead Hooker In A Trunk is another great example of filmmaking with the sole intention of letting all the sick and twisted visions out of one's head.

Now, I mentioned the Human Centipede films and Hobo With A Shotgun because that's the kind of thing that Dead Hooker In A Trunk evokes. Films that don't really exist in the scope of a safe society...but, goddamn, they're so much fun to the rest of us. Aren't they? I remember watching Hobo With A Shotgun in a packed midnight theater and that proved to be my favorite movie-going experience of 2011. Well, I recently sat down with a small group of film lovers to watch my new copy of Dead Hooker.

I think that it's important to point out how much I love these kinds of films. I live for dead hookers in trunks and hobos with shotguns and 12-person human centipedes. That's the kind of stuff that flows through my blood. So, while I will rate this film on a technical scale, my final blood score might seem a little biased.

Fucking rights! Yay! You can read the whole lovely review here. Spread it around. Get your HOOKER on, heck, check the review, call in your buddies and make it a Canuxploitation night! Thank you to Bryan for watching our film and getting the word out.

The biggest, most large, stupid happy, thank you to everyone who has been supporting this film and making this release the success that it has been. You guys have been phenomenal in giving us the ability to continue making films like this.


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  1. Seriously, ladies...thanks so much for this. Pretty much made our year!'s only February!! Would also like to add that we've been enjoying the HELL out of your Women In Horror Month! Keep doing what you do so well...and we absolutely cannot wait for AMERICAN MARY!!!