Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tonjia Atomic

There are women working in horror that are so talented it blows my mind. Tonjia Atomic is one of those women.

It is difficult to be master (or mistress if you prefer) of even one trade. Tonjia Atomic is a filmmaker, actress, musician, jeweler, and freelance writer. Yeah, seriously. And this grrl has some major artistic edge.

Her films include the horror shorts AWESOME OUIJA BOARD and COMPANION.

They're fucking rad. Here they are for your viewing pleasure.



She has directed two features, DANCING IN ISOLATION and WALKING TO LINAS. DANCING IN ISOLATION tells the story of Ariel, a transgendered individual who meets Trevor and attempts to work out the inherent difficulties in dating a curious, yet traditionally straight male. It is completed and awaits release. I look very forward to this piece and to see Tonjia tackle a very difficult, but very real and very right now story.

If you perv her IMDB page (and you get bet your sweet bippy I have) you will be blown away by how much this woman in fact does. Director. Producer. Editor. Writer. Actress. Sound Department. Special Effects. Composer. Make up Department. Costume Department. Set Decorator. It takes a lot of strength to be able to wear so many hats on set and never neglect any of your duties. It is a shining example of this woman's strength.

Her writing has been featured in several online and print magazines. She's in the bands Duet To-It, Huh-Uh, and Filthy Issue.

Check out Huh-Uh right here.

She also plays Stasha in the web series The Prosaic Life of Stasha and Ada.

Tonjia is also a martial artist. Yeah, so add total ninja badass to her already ridiculous list of talents. She has spent several years training in Jeet Kune Do with Taky and Andy Kimura at the Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute of Seattle.

"I started out making earrings from toys and miniatures. From there my jewelry-making passion and skills have grown to include resin and semi-precious materials in the form of necklaces, earrings, rings, brooches, bracelets, and hairpins. Through filmmaking I have met so many amazing women working in horror and I was inspired to make a Women in Horror line of jewelry named after them. The inspired pieces are dark and romantic or a fun nod to gore using dark colors and themes. Each piece is named after a filmmaker or woman who has been a proponent in the horror genre. This is a limited edition line that I will continue as long as I can. There are only so many of each piece and when they sell out they will no longer be offered. Visit my online store for handmade resin, toy, and semi-precious jewelry at"

Her jewelry is nothing short of beautiful, creating unique pieces, many horror inspired. And special this year in celebration of Women In Horror month? A Women In Horror line of jewelry! That's right! Breath taking pieces with gore~geous detail inspired by some of your favorite Women In Horror. It was a great honor to have pieces made for us Twisted Twins (seen below).

You can see all her wicked designs here and even order 'em. You HAVE to check 'em out.

You can check her out on VIMEO here.

You can follow Tonjia on Twitter here.

You can friend Tonjia on Facebook here.

And you can subscribe to Tinjia on Youtube here.

Tonjia is so fucking cool that she even made a Blood Drive PSA this year to celebrate the Women In Horror Massive Blood Drive, a world wide event encouraging people to donate blood. Why? Because donating blood and saving live is awesome and so is Tonjia. Here it is~!

Thank you, Tonjia, for kicking so much ass it shouldn't be legal.

Fatally Yours,

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