Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Masters FX & Twisted Twins like to Monster Party!

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"” - Robin Williams
The same can be said of monsters - monster makers and horror folks coming together can only mean a few things: very interesting people, total film nerds, and a shit ton of fun. So, essentially there is no other way to end Monsterpalooza without a big fucking stupid rad awesome party. That party was Wrapalooza and the Twisted Twins were lucky as hell to be given he generous opportunity to cohost with Masters FX.

That name sound familiar? Well, it ought to - not only are they the brilliant team behind the effects in upcoming AMERICAN MARY, they are the people behind a fuckload of other great works that include - SIX FEET UNDER, TRUE BLOOD, UNDERWORLD, SLITHER, SUPER, and TURISTAS - just to name a few.

I must admit, not that I feel I give the impression of being cool but to fully clarify, I geeked out at this event. Hard. Jen and I fell in love with horror films because of the monsters and the talented artists behind them. I mean, holy fucking shit, Dick Smith was there - that man changed the world of prosthetics like no one else.

If you didn't make it to Monsterpalooza or Wrapalooza, then these pics (click this highlighted part) are the next best thing to actually being there, ENJOY!! Also, there is Son of Monsterpalooza coming up in October. A little bird told me that event is going to be fucking epic. If you trust little birds and all that shit.


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