Monday, April 16, 2012

Monsterpalooza - Where the Creatures from Under Your Bed Come & Hang Out

Monsterpalooza is a convention that focuses on the art of monster making. The history of cinema has been filled with creatures that burn their existences into our minds but quite often the talented artists behind these creature creations go unknown - which is fucking ridiculous. Luckily, many members of the horror community are well versed in their monster makers and prosthetic geniuses, but for those late to the party and those want to emerse themselves in all that creepy goodness is this convention. It is a must see for all horror nerds - from basement dweller to chic geek.

This was our first Monsterpalooza and what a fucking rad time it was. Firstly, a huge and extremely humble thank you to everyone who came out to the Convention and were kind enough to say hi to me, Jen, and our AMERICAN MARY team - Tristan Risk, Amelia Smart, Todd Masters, and some more wicked members of the Masters FX crew! It was very cool to meet you guys in the flesh and get a chance to chat. It was an amazing experience.

There was a lot of awesome had, but here are some highlights - getting to meet you folks who have been so kind to us and supportive of our work in real life, meeting Dick Smith, meeting John Landis, almost meeting Max Landis (it was so fucking close), watching the FRIGHT NIGHT panel, watching the AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON panel, and sucking ass at 1920s-40s monster trivia (like a lot but I think I won some love with my stupidity).

Hope to see you guys next year - sorry to those of you we missed, we'll catch you at Comic Con or Son of Monsterpalooza!


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  1. It was great finally meeting you ladies in person. Hopefully we will go for drinks the next time tour here.
    Frightfully yours