Friday, January 17, 2014

AMERICAN MARY win Horror Central's Fan's Choice Best of 2013

"Katherine Isabelle was absolutely born for the role of “Bloody Mary”, and her performance in this feature is nothing short of hypnotizing. There is no denying that the actress delivers a once in a lifetime performance, making the character believable, terrifying, and sympathetic all in the same frame; and all with elegant and flawless variations of simple facial expressions and features. If Dead Hooker in a Trunk was an experiment, then American Mary is the hypothesis. Jen and Sylvia Soska (AKA The Twisted Twins) set a new standard in independent horror filmmaking, and judging by the amazing leap between their first and second films, this community is nothing short of lucky to have both of them gracing the screen with their horrifying visions."

A huge thank you to Horror Central and all the fans that voted for choosing AMERICAN MARY as one of your favorite films of 2013. To have the fans have voted and chosen means the world to us. Thank you so very much. This is awesome.

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