Wednesday, January 29, 2014

One Room With a View Sees American Mary

"Aside from American Mary‘s already numerous merits, the paradoxically engrossing motley of Brian Pearson’s elegant cinematography consistently permeates the screen. Slow, languid movements are in perfect contrast with Mary‘s exploitative and visceral subject matter. Composer Peter Allan works in skillful synchronicity with Pearson’s muted intonations, resulting in an extremely accomplished and immersive space, upon which the Soskas emblazon their antithetically reticent impressions of a sub-culture known for its innate shock-value.

Consequently, American Mary occupies an innate sense of intimacy, that intuitively renegotiates the role of sub-culture within a scheme that customarily elicits systems of difference in an effort to evoke feeling. The pervasive use of tactical alienation that runs throughout the morbidly orthodox heraldry of horror surgeons, has been freely altered by the Soska’s tactful sensitivity. Lastly, the Twisted Twins have initiated a much desired re-calibration of the ostensibly overworked philosophies of conventional horror, once again demonstrating the conducive influence of cult cinema."

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