Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Drunken Zombie Film Festival 2010 Schedule

Boys and grrls, for those of you attending or interested in attending this year's Drunken Zombie Film Festival, Saturday November 6th, here's how the meal will be served....


Friday 7P-12A (5 Hours)

7PM - Everything's Eventual

8:30PM -Pickman's Muse

10:00PM - House Of Black Wings

Saturday 12P-12A (12 Hours)

12:00 - Feast Of The Assumption

1:45PM - Monster Of Phantom Lake

3:45PM - The Unhuman

5:00PM - Shorts: Night Of The Hell Hamsters
5:20PM - Cabine Of The Dead
5:35PM - Death In Charge
5:55PM - Thirsty
6:15PM - Zombie Apocalypse
6:20PM - Snuff
6:25PM - Chemical 12-D
6:35PM - Eel Girl
6:45PM - Alice Jacobs
7:15PM - Shadows

7:30PM - Dead Hooker In A Trunk

9:15PM - Bongface 2

10:30 - Trilogy Of Blood

11:15PM - Trippin'

For full festival details, treat yourself to a little gander here...DRUNKEN ZOMBIE FILM FESTIVAL OFFICIAL SITE.

Have a gore~geous night! Please let us know what you think of our Dead Hooker through our site!!


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