Thursday, October 21, 2010

Horribly Excited for Horrible Imaginings!

We are complete dorks, but also (and more importantly) are very excited for San Diego's first horror film festival - Horrible Inaginings Film Fest. Read it up here. We talked Hooker, this fest, and so many other great things over at Monster Island Resort Podcast with Miguel Rodriguez! Yes, we were invited back and we sort of watched our language - really fun chat, congratulations on episode 11. Listen it up here, boys and girls.

Thank you for supporting a set of identical nerds. You folks are the best! Talk to you soon.



  1. It is getting really crazy exciting! Thank you a million times over for the trailer! Listen to my conversation with the Soskas at Monster Island Resort:

  2. Wow, this video just made my day! :) Congrats to you two!

    I'm sending you much <3 from Montreal!

    (to Jen) Viva Geekness! :D

  3. Maude, I want to show your films next year!