Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Killing Boxx Anyone?

From conception to its natural end (though, I highly suspect that time isn't dawning near anytime soon...), DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK was created purely for audience enjoyment. When people tell me they've seen and loved DHIAT, I swell with pride and joy. When I see a fan wearing a Dead Hooker T-Shirt, I squeal with glee. When someone places a Dead Hooker Bumper sticker on their car, I beam with happiness. As I hope everyone who's supported our film knows, we will always be grateful and thankful to all our wonderful friends, fans, families, and Dead Hooker enthusiasts everywhere for doing their part to help spread the good word.

Today we were floored by receiving a glowing review from Killing Boxx. With profound joy, Sylv announced to me: "WE GOT TEN CLEAVERS!!". I read on with great antici... pation...

"Every so often a trip to the movies will leave you high as a kite, jacked on cinephillic steroids. This usually occurs after seeing a film that possesses genuine heart, breathing with a life of its own, acting as a catharsis, it provides a much appreciated and necessary reaffirmation of all that captured the imagination and fascination with cinema to begin with, Dead Hooker In A Trunk from Vancouver based Soska sisters of Twisted Twins Productions, is of this ilk."

We've been honored to have had DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK play all around the world, venues huge and small. We can proudly say that we have never turned down a reviewer or venue. We've always humbly wanted to share our Dead Hooker with as many people as possible. Recently, Marc of Brutal As Hell brought the film to Harlow’s Pub, Peterborough, New Hampshire. It was a free event and we were blown away to know that that pub was packed! "And let me tell you - it was CRAZY! The pub isn't huge. But it was literally standing room only. Folks were sitting on the floor!" Will, writer of the above review from Killing Boxx, was in attendance this evening.

We would like to extend a very special thanks to Marc for putting the whole event together and inviting our Dead Hooker to the party! Thank you to Will for taking a chance on an indie film and coming out! And thank you to EVERYONE who came out!

For the full, sexy review, read on HERE

Our Bloodiest of Bests!

PS. DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK is playing ALL over the place and we want you, yes, you, to go and see it! Not coming near you? Well, drop us a line and let's make it happen. After all, together, we're an army.

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  1. I will be getting a shirt... they look top notch!

    Loved the film and the shirt will get attention in crowds!

    Ken from KillingBoxx