Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Broadway Theatre Welcomes in Dead Hooker In A Trunk Despite the Controversy

Some of you may have noticed that we just changed the venue to The Broadway Theatre. We will now be screening both of these two movies at the original stated time and date (April 22 at 11:30pm). Even though we ran into a snag we still love the Roxy Theatre as much as we did before but we are extremely happy that The Broadway is willing to support us.

- Dark Bridges Film Festival

The level of class and dignity that John Allison and The Dark Bridges Film Festival have shown in the face of such ignorance in the banning of their films from the Roxy Theater - courtesy of Tom Hutchinson - is inspirational. The fact that the film was banned on title alone without anyone naysayer even bothering to watch the film or look into the background of the incredible team that made it still sickens me. I feel very sorry for those too close-minded to see their own levels of misinformation, but today is a new day and 'Dead Hooker in a Trunk' shall play.

Let there be Canadian-made indie horror for everyone to enjoy and have a good time - because that is what we are here for and why the film was made!

Now if you are even close to the area, I implore you in light of recent events, please come and see the film. Anonymous callers, you too, are more than welcome. Once you actually see the film - you will see why so many have stood by it to have it screened. This is a case of a book being judged wrongly by its cover. Huge thanks to those who used their joined voices to stand beside our film and freedom of expression through the arts --

Jennifer Cooper's petition to get the banning overturned.

Heidi Honeycutt of FanGirlTastic who wrote a brutally honest and perfectly crass (why do women always have to apologize for language? I applaud hers, because she always knows how to get people talking) piece about the real dead hookers and ours.

Spooky Sean's open letter to the Roxy Theater and their stance on the film. Awesome as fuck.

Joel 'Ratman' Wells' piece on the banning on the film and the sheer lunacy of this censorship.

Zach Schildwachter and the most gracious team at the Bloodsprayer who have been there to get the word out about the film, now they're here to make sure people know the real facts behind the film and this censorship.

Alyse Wax of Feardotnet, What The Fear and her excellent piece articulating the pure ridiculousness of the accusations against the film and the reason behind the ban.

Dr. Gore of the Horror Society and Chad Clinton Freeman where they discuss the banning in details with an alternative - the Pollygrind would love to have us back.

I would like to thank Nia Edwards-Behi and Adam Williams of the Abertoir Film Fest, Andrew Rose of DOA Bloodbath Entertainment, everyone who signed the petition, wrote their own letters, and used education in hopes of clearing up an emotionally charged situation.

No one likes to hear someone else dictate what they can and can not see. At the same time, when there are real life homicides that are going unresolved with the problem not showing any signs of remedy - I'm not surprised that people are frustrated. What they should be is frustrated with their own municipalities for not taking this issue seriously, rather than directing that anger at a film that - believe it or not - actually gives dignity and humanity to the title character.

I will leave you with a clever quote posted by Simon Nisbet on the petition wall -

"What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist."

- Salman Rushdie

For more information on this screening please click here.
Again, because the drama that has arisen in the community about this screening, please do try to make it out. We would love to have you all there to properly represent the film and film goers.

I'd like to end with this, the grace and the class that you have handled yourselves with is beyond commendable. The general public has a very misguided view on horror, hence, a 'horror film' often loses merit before any further investigation into the project is done. I have seen countless treads and posts where people have stood by the film using logical conversation to try to educate about this field and this particular film. I can't thank you enough for your noble efforts.

People assume the horror community is made up of stupid, vile people - it's very nice to have this opportunity to show them just how wrong they have been.

~Jen and Sylv


  1. I used to work for Tom Hutchinson many, many moons ago and to be honest, his reaction doesn't really surprise me. The Broadway is a much cooler, hipper venue for Dead Hooker. This is the same theater I got to see Bound and Living in Oblivion at as well as superfun midnight screenings of movies like The Thing and Black Christmas.

  2. I am glad to be apart of Team Soska- hehehe- glad to know they are getting it shown elsewhere- they deserve it! Hers to you~~~

    John Ginder

  3. I have met some of the nicest people I've ever met, in the horror community. You all make me so happy!