Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mock-Up of Rad Jen O'Rourke Roaring Article

When you are friends with a journalist, they tend to get the best information out of you. Jen (my twinnie) and I are very lucky to know a very talented, driven, and passionate wordsmith by the name of Jen O'Rourke. We are all Vancouver Canucks - we live here in the same city - and so, she can see exactly what it is like to be a Twisted Twin - or more accurately - what it's like to be a pair of horror nerds working towards their dream career of making horror film themselves.

I want to thank the lovely, Jen (other Jen), for taking the time to hang out with us and get the inside scoop on the day to day. I love your ways with words - actually, we pretty much love everything about Jen O'Rourke. Thank you kindly, miss, for the beautiful article.


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