Monday, April 04, 2011

Rat's Off To You, Ratty

A good friend, artist, and horror writer extraordinaire, Joel 'Ratman' Wells - and the gent who started the movement to bring DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK to Australia which our good friends at Bounty Films and A Night Of Horror International Film Fest were happy to oblige him and the citizens of Sydney this past April 1st - drew this beautiful sketch of myself, Jen, Hannah Neurotica, and Kristy Jett. In the world of horror, to quote Forrest Gump - us and these girls are like peas and carrots. We get to meet this summer on set, but this is the closest we've ever been to being together.

Thank you for the beautiful art, Ratty. Thank you for appreciating a dead hooker and bringing her to a new continent. I love this pic so much. You rock, sir.


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