Saturday, July 09, 2011

Horrifically Awesome Interview with James

Jen and Sylvia Soska are twins who enjoy the darker side of cinema and their first movie, the wonderfully titled Dead Hooker In A Trunk is getting its UK TV premiere on Horror on July 29th. It's so cool Eli Roth called it "F***ing awesome" so we decided to have a quick chat with this talented pair.

Something that is too cool for words happened in our lives. On May 23rd, our film DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK was released in the UK and Australia. It was the UK Ghouls on Film Festival that first screened the flick and I gotta say that our overseas friends have been very good to us. At the end of this month - the 29th of July - DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK will be now making its television premiere in the UK on the wicked awesome Horror Channel.

Brutally outrageous bloodbath. Four disparate friends, the Badass, the Geek, the Goody Two Shoes and the Junkie face a fight for their lives when a dead hooker is inexplicably found in their car.

We had the great opportunity to chat with James Whittington of the Horror Channel about the flick, its release, how it got pulled off, and the joys of working with your identical twin --

HC: How do you two write; does one type whilst the other paces around the room?

Jen: Ha ha, Sylvie only paces when she's on the phone. Like a tiger in a cage. We used to write with the recipe card method that we read that Robert Rodriguez used. It worked well for a film like Dead Hooker In A Trunk. We wrote our "stand out scenes" on cards and spread them across the floor. From there, we filled in blank ones for how much time we would reasonably need to get from point A to point B. We have retired that method, for now. Now, we sit on opposite couches and throw ideas back and forth until we get one that we're both really excited about and we flesh it out from there. We write out a time line and then decide who wants what scene. Even then, we know who wants first crack at what.

Sylvia: We play video games usually and tag the other in. Our writing process is really fun when it's not completely stressful. That last part was a joke. What we do to first come up with a concept is just start talking about something cool we would like to see. If an idea is too mainstream, boring, or whatever - the other usually rips it apart before it has a chance to exist. It's a bit harsh, but it's important because the ideas that survive are the goodies. Then we plot out the story line in three acts, plan the main story elements and moments, and plan it out. We'll tell the story back to the other and mess around with different tweaks here and there. We call different sequences that we want to write and have the ability to tag the other in if we get stuck.

Thank you for a great and fun interview, James. If you don't know James Wittington, you can get caught up here with a read array of kick ass interviews by James for the Horror Channel. To read the whole interview clickity click here - hope you dig it.

A huge and humble thanks to you reading this and all of you that have helped us get to this point - it's because of your support that we've been able to get to this point. Can't hardly wait to share the new flick with you!


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