Monday, September 12, 2011

DAILY GRINDHOUSE features the TWISTED TWINS all week long!!

"Jen and Sylvia Soska (aka Twisted Twins) are out to start some shit. I have said it before and I’ll say it again: These chicks are 12 miles of bad road and they can make a movie that kicks your teeth in. DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK is easily one of the best films of the year. It is 100% pure exploitation that pulls no punches. The Soska twins work like they have been rocking the camera since they learned to walk. You throw some punky and pulpy dialogue on top of that and you have a fire that is going to burn for a long time.

This week, DG (Daily Grindhouse)is smiling ear-to-fucking-ear because we have Jen & Sylvia as our Featured Filmmakers. In our exclusive interview the Twisted Twins talk about making movies, influences, marketing your flick, and other badass nuggets. Following the Q&A this week will be a full DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK review, a Soska authored TOP 10 SHES SO FUCKING COOL MOMENTS IN FILM, and more. So buckle up and get ready for the twins to drop some film knowledge." ~Daily Grindhouse

It's true, boys and grrls! This week, we Twisted Twins have the profound privilege of being the Featured Filmmakers of Daily Grindhouse!!

It's gonna be one epic week so be sure to tune in every day to get your daily recommended dose of wicked awesome. We have an exclusive, in depth interview with never before asked questions and never before revealed answers. We also have a review from the site for DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK and a kick ass TOP TEN list you don't want to miss. And you wanna score some Twisted Twins swag?? Check into the site and find out how you, yes YOU, can score a gift package from yours trulys.

So let the week begin! Check out the Featured Filmmakers section right HERE and enjoy the collective kick ass-ed-ness that IS Daily Grindhouse. Our most humble thanks for this honor.

And now for a little taste of things to come....

"The only reason why I am here today is because the people in the horror community have made it possible. When I was a little girl, I was at the fish market with my Grandfather. I decided in my little girl way that I was going to use my spending money to buy a fish for my cat. He told me to ask the fisherman myself. I went over, explained that I’d like to purchase a fish for my cat please and thank you. The man smiled and got me a fish – free of charge. I was shocked – that’s not the way the world works. I went to my Grandfather to find out why that would happen and he told me something that I carry on today – ‘If you treat people with kindness and respect, the whole world opens up for you.’" ~Sylvia Soska

Bloody Best!

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