Monday, September 19, 2011

Twisted Twins chat with Horrorphilia's Wicked Awesome John Ginder

John Ginder is an incredible human being. He's a man who has supported us and our work from the very beginning. And that's something we don't forget. The folks at Horrorphilia were damn smart to bring this sensational writer to their site.

He loves horror, knows his shit, and is something that is a real rarity in both this business and world. He's genuine. It should come as no surprise that we've become good friends and recently we had the pleasure of chatting with him. It was really something to be able to actual speak with someone we've known for so long and emailed back and forth countless times.

The result? An honest and open interview where not only do we speak about our work, DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK, and AMERICAN MARY, but we talk quite openly about ourselves. This interview will give you a much closer look at who us Twisted Twins are.

Without further adieu, HERE IS THE FULL INTERVIEW.

Please enjoy.

As always, we do encourage you to not only check out and get all intimate with Horrorphilia, but also treat yourselves to John's wicked awesome blog, A HORROR~FYING BLOG.

And thank you, John, for being so damn good to a couple a demented horror lovers!

Bloody Best!

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