Tuesday, December 18, 2012

American Mary (2012): An Interview With The Morally-Corrupt Underground Degenerate Soska Sisters [AUDIO]

Moral corruption at its finest with Sylvia Soska (left) and Jen Soska (right)
I derive a very special kind of pleasure from being called morally corrupt. After all that would put me in some very good company. The latest horror degenerate charged (and this time quite literally) with moral corruption is Canadian FX artist Remy Couture for his "too real" prosthetics and gore.

Recently we had the esteemed pleasure of speaking with Evil Argento of YELL MAGAZINE. We love a man who knows his horror.

Here's a little prelude to our delicious AUDIO INTERVIEW. that's right, boys and grrls. None of that pesky reading with all those damn words. Just click and enjoy.

"Meet the Twisted Sisters (aka, the Soska Twins; aka, Twisted Twins; aka, Morally-Corrupt Underground Degenerates; aka, Jen and Sylvia Soska), two of horror’s most promising prospects. Together they write and direct visceral, intelligent, thought-provoking (if you’re capable of seeing their vision), and bloody awesome films with titles that sell themselves. Seriously, who doesn’t want to see Dead Hooker in a Trunk? Actually, who doesn’t want to see a dead hooker in a trunk? All rancid with gaping maggot-infested wounds?

The twins’ latest film, American Mary, was most recently screened at the Whistler Film Festival, and while we weren’t there to witness the repulsed audience slip on their own vomit as they ran for the exit during the screening of the film, we did see it, review it, and interview the sisters."

Here you are, my dears. Please enjoy THE FULL INTERVIEW AND ARTICLE RIGHT HERE.

And a very special thank you to Evil Argento for chatting with this Twisted Twosome.

Fatally Yours,

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