Sunday, December 02, 2012

Hey UK, See You in the Darkened Theatre - Get Your American Mary Theatrical Tix


"If You've never heard of American Mary, Where have you been? American Mary isn't a grunge band, it's not a cupcake and it's certainly not a new colour on the spectrum. American Mary is a classic modern thriller/horror (can I say that?) that has been blowing audiences away around the world. Universal Pictures in the UK are giving this one a huge push and to celebrate the DVD and Blu-ray release on January 21st, the film i

s going on tour to some major and minor spots in the UK along with Directors Jen and Sylvia Soska and the star Katharine Isabelle.

Struggling to make financial ends meet while studying to be a surgeon, talented medical student Mary Mason (Katharine Isabelle) finds herself reduced to applying for work at a local strip joint in order to pay off her mounting debts, where she is unexpectedly called upon to perform some illegal emergency surgery on one of the club’s clients and is instantly rewarded with a significant cash payment. Word of Mary’s scalpel-work soon reaches one of the club’s dancers, who approaches her offering to pay handsomely for some off-the-books, extreme body-modification work on a friend. The ensuing surgery is a huge success and Mary’s skills soon attract the attention of an underground network of high-paying clientele, all looking for someone to administer procedures and body-mod work unavailable through the usual legal channels.

American Mary UK tour dates are as follows:

Fri January 11 - Prince Charles Cinema, London
020 7494 3654,

Sat January 12 - Edinburgh Filmhouse
0131 228 2688,

Sun January 13 - Glasgow Film Theatre
0141 332 6535,

Mon January 14 - Sheffield Showroom
0114 275 7727,

Tue January 15 - Hyde Park Picture House, Leeds
0113 275 2045

Wed January 16 - Bristol Watershed
0117 927 5100,

Thu January 17 – Duke’s at Komedia, Brighton

If you can't make the tour, you'll miss out on THREE very special women who will worm their way into your geeky hearts and claim your soul by the time the Q&A has come to a close. The Soska Sisters are a talent on the rise, catch them before they end up like their mentor and their bodyguards start roughing you up if you even attempt to get close. Get your free hugs while you can... they love to hug and talk and take photos. The lovely and very criminally underrated Katherine Isabelle is just as approachable. These three ladies were the toast of Frightfest 2012 and once you see American Mary you'll understand why.

The film will also be released on January 11th 2013 in select cinemas nationwide but I highly suggest you travel to these special events because American Mary is one of the most challenging and creative films you will see in 2013, grab the tickets, book in the date, you won't be disappointed!"



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