Friday, December 07, 2012

New Mary Trailer Released, Clive Barker Shares His Thoughts on the Film


Brand new American Mary trailer, HERE on Empire Magazine Online.
An hommage in character name to one of our biggest inspirations, Clive Barker.

Please take a look and share it with your cool friends. Absolutely blown away by these incredibly kind words from one of our heroes and the artist that first introduced us to body horror.

Antonio Cupo (Billy Barker) & Katharine Isabelle (Mary Mason)

“Fucking amazing. Extraordinary. A really superb picture. 
Katharine Isabelle is awesome. She gives a wonderfully modulated performance. 
It’s disgusting and distressing and the makeup is brilliant. It made me think about the effects of horror. Why is has done what it does to us and why it continues to move us.”  
- Clive Barker

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