Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mondays Suck ~ The Twisted Twins on the Radio

 Yes, it's an undeniable factoid. Mondays Suck, but we're doing our part to make them just that little bit more awesome.

The fucking incredible people behind AMERICAN MARY at 430 Productions are bringing you even more wicked awesome with, an amazing new experience featuring....

"DJ's from ALL over the world that will bring there own musical styles and tastes... Entertainment shows, News, and live stream Music and Pro Wrestling shows...... There will be something for everyone... Tune in and we hope you enjoy ...." 

When 430 Productions asked if we wanted to invade the airwaves with totally UNCENSORED content, how could we possibly refuse? Our very first show is TOMORROW. It's our very first time, so forgive any truly Amish moments, grab some refreshments (I highly encourage your favorite tasty beverage), and tune in for our very special brand of inane banter. It's about to get wicked up in this bitch!

And if that's not cool enough, NEXT MONDAY we will be coming to you LIVE from the Cannes Film Festival!! You don't want to miss out, be there or be in the suck of Mondays. Tune into our show, MONDAYS SUCK, every Monday night 7pm (PST) to 10pm (PST).

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Fatally Yours,
Jen and Sylv

UPDATE!!! The Kickoff first episode of MONDAYS SUCK will start next week on Monday, May 21st, live from the Cannes Film Festival at 7pm PST -- hope to have you listening in!!!

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