Sunday, May 13, 2012

Twisted Twins Join The Bloody Best PROJECT

If you don't know, you should know about The Bloody Best PROJECT. It's a little something we've been obsessing over for some time.

"The Bloody Best Project is a celebration of the horror genre and the people who have shaped it into what it is today. We do this by creating high end conceptual images of the very people who have scared us on the silver screen. Never before has a project like this been attempted, but our team- Ama, Autumn, and Roger take on the challenge full force. Our hope is to bring you a beautiful, twisted, and dark collection of images that will showcase the amazing talent of legendary scream queens, slashers, monsters, directors, FX artists, and of the minds and talent that have created nightmares for decades. This project has stemmed out of our life long love and enthusiasm for the horror genre and our goal is to channel that passion into this project and bring you art that is awe inspiring, gut wrenching, and that immortalizes the bloody best- the legends of the horror industry."

It is a profound honor that Sylvia and myself have been asked to take part in this astounding project. I know it's a rarity, but I am truly speechless. We will be shooting with the disgustingly talented Ama Lea at the end of this month in beautiful LA after we return from our trip to the Cannes Film Festival with our AMERICAN MARY. We are dying to be shot fro this project and to share the images with you. Let me tell you, the concept is to die for.

In the meantime, feast your eye on the Official The Bloody Best PROJECT Site and these gore~geous images in this blog featuring some truly outstanding talents and icons of horror including James Gunn, Adam Green, Brea Grant, Danielle Harris, RA Mihailoff, and soooo many others.

Fatally Yours,
Jen and Sylv

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