Wednesday, May 23, 2012

American Mary First Screening at the Cannes Market

"If I may indulge in some flagrant cliché abuse, the Soska Sisters are not just going places, but they’re paving the way to an exciting, vital and game-changing career in genre filmmaking. The powerhouses behind Dead Hooker in a Trunk have made their second film, American Mary, which has received its first screening at the Marche du Film at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. The film stars Katharine Isabelle as Mary, a broke medical student who finds herself mired in a bizarre world of underground surgery." -Nia Edwards-Behi, BRUTAL AS HELL
The name Nia Edwards-Behi might sound familiar to you. If not, here is an interesting piece of information that you might not be aware of - the very first screening of DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK, when no one wanted to touch that film with a ten foot pole, happened at the Ghouls on Film Festival in the UK thanks to Nia. The admiration for this woman who truly supports the independent has only grown in the years that we have come to know her. It was a thrill to not only have her, Gaz Bailey, and Rhys Thomas Fowler at Cannes to make a pair of foreigners feel more at home, but an amazing honour to have them in attendance for the first screening of AMERICAN MARY. How appropriate that this sensational woman would reveal the first look of the film.
"Mary is a completely different beast to Dead Hooker. Where Dead Hooker is a loving tribute to B-movies and grindhouse cinema, Mary is a stylish, artful and darkly funny tragedy. This difference is the Soskas’ masterstroke – even the most doubting spectator would struggle to deny the absolute versatility on display between the two films."

I know we've been very hush hush on the flick and going to the Cannes market makes it difficult to check out the screening, but for those of you dying of antic..............pation, check out the full beautiful review. No spoilers - so you're surprises are safe!

Thank you so much to everyone who was a part of this. Very extremely fucking cool of you all.


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