Thursday, August 16, 2012

Indulgently Twisted Interview

 "Indulgently Horrific had the chance to meet the next force in horror, the Soska Twins (a.k.a the Twisted Twins), at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con during the panel of the upcoming movie “American Mary”. Jen and Sylvia Soska wrote, produced and directed the film. American Mary is a Canadian horror film that tells the story of a medical student named Mary Mason, played by Katharine Isabelle, who descends into the madness of the underground surgery world.  
“American Mary” will be previewed on August 27, 2012 at London’s FILM4 Fright Fest."

You can tell when someone has a passion for what they do - Rakkan of Indulgently Horrific is a professional of that ilk which made the interview with him very in depth, interesting, and an absolute pleasure for my twinnie and me.

Want to know what a typical day on set was like? Get two twin-first accounts on the Mary mayhem we were getting up to with our fantastic team. Best people in the industry, so if you're planning to film in Vancouver - these are the people that should be making up your team. Double mint sibling rivalry - does it exist and how do we keep from killing one another? Um, well... What kind of negative response do we get? Some of the words are censored, but I think you'll get a good idea and a laugh too.

You have received a lot of praise for your work, but nothing is immune to criticism. Could you share some of the harshest criticisms you have received throughout your career?  
Sylvia: We get called stupid ugly talentless whores and variations thereof a fair bit. At first, it bothered me, more so because I didn’t want my family to see people talking about me like that. I’ve developed a thick skin and those comments don’t even register to me now. Sometimes when I’m feeling playful, I message them back and say that I hope that they like the next film better. What did offend me was a slew of a comments on what an unintelligent s*** I am followed by a statement that I ‘probably don’t even know who Dario Argento is’. That pissed me off. Dario Argento’s use of colour in his lighting for his films was a huge inspiration in AMERICAN MARY. I understand someone not liking a film, we’ve gotten people calling DEAD HOOKER a masterpiece and people saying that it is the worst film they have ever seen in their lives, but to suggest that I am not a horror fan offends me on a personal level. Whether I’m a terrible filmmaker is always going to be up for discussion as long as Jen and I are making films, but my being a horror fan should not.  
Jen: I hate how it always comes down to our looks. More often than not we are called stupid s**** or c**** and get told the only reason we’re here is because men work with us because they fancy us. They don’t care about our work or what we’ve sacrificed to get to where we are. There are women out there who imply that we somehow have it easier because of the way we look. It’s shitty because we try to make good work for many reasons, one of them being that if good work comes from female artists it makes it easier for others to follow, but then you have women who just hate you for all your successes. The more success we see, the fewer supporters we have. They tell you real life isn’t like high-school, but it is. It really is. If a woman is strong and confident and stands her ground, she’s a b****. If a man does, he’s just being a man. Women seemed to be called b*****, s****, or c****. That’s the hat trick of female insults. 
We have taken a lot of abuse for being women, presenting ourselves the way we do, and for our age. I’ve been told that I should dress more like Penny Marshall if I want people to respect me. That I should intentionally dress down, but I’ll never change the way I am and the way I look to gain the respect of sexist douchebags. It would be degrading to change who I am to fit into what other people want me to be. I dress and act the way I do anywhere and everywhere I go. I don’t dress up a certain way for set. I go like that to the corner store.

Read the whole fucking rad piece here. Thank you to Rakkan and Indulgently Horrific for taking the time to come to our panel at SDCC 2012 and chatting to us!

Thank you to you, lady or gentlemen, for checking out the article. AMERICAN MARY is a'coming - cannot wait to unleash her on you guys.


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