Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dread Central Sees Some Evil 2

""I think a lot of people are surprised that See No Evil 2 is our next film, but if you knew us during our teens, it would make perfect sense," say the Soskas. "It wasn't even a match that initially caught our attention; it was The Undertaker in the ring talking about this dark secret and his brother. It was so engrossing that we were instantly hooked. The excitement continued for weeks as we were planted in front of the television every week leading up to Bad Blood/Hell in a Cell, where the buried past brother made his debut to the announcer's screams, 'This must be Kane!'"  
"There is no show on earth like what you see in the WWE and it only makes sense that they would translate that high level of entertainment to film, starting with See No Evil starring our personal favorite, Kane. Many years have past since then. We never became the first female twin tag team wrestlers that we dreamed of - the beautiful Bellas hold that honor - and we went on to become horror directors."" 

Read the whole rad piece HERE!


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