Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Twisted Twins & Kane, See No Evil 2

"I had a brief exchange with Sylvia Soska, and she stated:  
'Jen and I grew up watching and going to the WWE events right when Kane was introduced, so this is a dream come true to be working with WWE Studios and Lionsgate – both companies we have a huge amount of respect for – to bring SEE NO EVIL 2 to life in a way no one sees coming.' 
To be honest, I found the first film to be a tad underwhelming. Kane makes for an awesome specimen of terror, but the story was uninspired, and fell into standard slasher tropes. If this is to become a franchise, it will have to elevate its game and distinguish itself from the rest of the pack. I now have some faith, that if the studios don’t interfere, the Twins can bring us something special. If you’ve seen their previous works, they can do wild, balls-to-the-wall grindhouse, as well as venture towards more artistic and clinical expressions of gore. If they can find the right balance, and make this film look as well shot as AMERICAN MARY, we may just have something here. At the very least, they get horror. Being fans first, they tend to make the kind of films that they themselves want to see. That’s a good start. I’m now actually looking forward to this film."  

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