Friday, September 14, 2012

Going Universal & Staying Original Interview Part 2 with Kim Layman

"First I want to say what an honor it was to even get an interview and a second one, even at that! It's not everyday you get to interview people you admire, here is my take.... It goes to show if you believe in yourself you can achieve ANYTHING, they are a GREAT inspiration to fans everywhere, whether you a horror film fan or not, simply because they won't settle for what Hollywood wants to put out there, the same regurgitated films recycled over and over, it's like wait.. I have already seen this, with the resurgence of horror films, you would think that they would want to put out quality, not just quantity, they hurry to get these films out with even the slightest care or thought of the horror fans themselves, they treat us like were are ignorant, and actually they treat the genre the same way, it shows by what they put out, and to me, that's what sets The SOSKA'S APART, they cater to the fan, not some Hollywood Factory shoving these films out by the bucketloads.."

I love having the opportunity to speak to people who truly love the genre, especially a person as cool as Kim Layman. We got treated to a second round of very thoughtful questions regarding AMERICAN MARY, moving forward with a company like Universal while still staying true to our unique indie voices, gaming, and all sorts of radness!

Please click here for the whole interview! Thank you to Kim for being a wonderful supporter of ours and for taking the time to chat with us.


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