Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Chris and Phil Present a Rad Time at Fright Fest the 13th

"Craig and Mike break their FrightFest cherries working for FrightFest TV. Here’s a behind the scenes look at what went on featuring contributions from Chris, Phil, Stuart Barr, Steve Blackwell and the inimitable Billy Chainsaw as well as a few directors and film makers who clearly didn’t know what a shambles this podcast truly is."

I love the English. I just fucking adore their dry amazing wit and the way they describe anything. Seriously, I can go through the same situation and would much rather have a Brit recount everything to me because it's just that much better.

Missed Film4 Fright Fest the 13th? Get the best recounting of your life with Chris and Phil Present with the incredible Billy Chainsaw, Stuart Barr, and Steve Blackwell as well as words and chat from the filmmakers of the fest! Treat your ears by clicking right here.

I think the tight schedule part is adorable.


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