Sunday, September 09, 2012

AMERICAN MARY review by Fangoria's Own Chris Alexander

"Happily, not only is the considerably pricier AMERICAN MARY an astonishing improvement on DEAD HOOKER in every respect, it’s a quantum leap in another tonal direction; a gorgeously art-directed exercise in psycho-sexual grand guignol full of strange characters, grotesque imagery and bizarre, black-as-night humor. It’s a definitive body horror film, elegant, disturbing but never oppressive and if nothing else, it’s the work of two powerful, loud voices whose joy of moviemaking screams from every frame." ~ Chris Alexander, FANGORIA
There are names in this business that are synonymous with horror and you don't get much cooler, much more badass, more much with your fingers on the pulse, and much more legendary than FANGORIA. If you don't know FANGORIA, welcome out of your cave.

To be mentioned by this epic beast is a massive honor, but to have your film reviewed by Chris Alexander, Editor in Chief himself, leaves us speechless. Chris is one of the very few to receive an early look at our newest feature, AMERICAN MARY. Now if you haven't heard about MARY yet, again, welcome out of your cave, but for those of you joining class late today, here's what she is, beautifully stated by Chris...

"Katherine Isabelle (the GINGER SNAPS trilogy) stars as Mary, a med student who is in dire need of extra scratch. In a desperate bid, she applies for a job in a greasy strip club as a rub and tug masseuse and during the “interview,” when revelations of her surgical intern status is revealed, is called on to repair a screaming thug who had been roughed up a bit too much by some club underlings. This quickie cash “meatball surgery” leads to an impromptu appearance by Beatress (Tristan Risk), one of the club’s dancers, at Mary’s apartment. Beatress has had her face grimly “revised” to resemble that of Betty Boop, skin pulled tight, mouth pursed, skull implants re-shaping her face, and after witnessing Mary’s “performance” asks if she would be willing—for a tidy sum—to operate on her friend, another body modifier who wants her nipples removed and vagina sewed shut so that she resembles a living Barbie doll. Mary complies and her success and growing obsession lead her to becoming “Bloody Mary,” one of the most in-demand underground body-tweaking surgeons in the city."
 As much as DHIAT was a "sit up and pay attention to us" film, AMERICAN MARY is a "now let us show you what we can do". She has made an early appearance at the wonderful FrightFest Film Fest in gore~geous London with a theater packed of horror fans and now she begins to peel back her own bandages and give the world a better look. There will be several film festivals across the globe where she'll be turning up and we truly hope that when she makes an unveiling near you, you'll be able to attend.

We'd like to thank Chris and FANGORIA for not only taking the time to review AMERICAN MARY, but for being the voice of horror.

Also, Chris' birthday is tomorrow. Happy fucking birthday, you badass, you.

Please do check out the FULL FILM REVIEW right here!

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  1. I'm really looking forward to seeing this film. Cheers!