Friday, September 07, 2012

AMERICAN MARY Hits the Cover of the Hollywood Reporter at TIFF, Overlooked at the Fest

    American Mary didn't get included in TIFF, but we are representing strong here on today's cover of the Hollywood Reporter. Our MARY has bite and balls.

    Kevin McCormick: They have this whole CANADA: A WORLD OF TALENT section in the issue and you guys aren't even MENTIONED >:(
    Sylvia Soska: ‎Kevin, we aren't mentioned on the cover either, but you guys - the people who have supported our work to get to this point - know how all of us got here. You made it possible. You continue to make it possible. Even if others refuse to acknowledge us, you standing by us gives the films power and makes it reach a huge audience. Thank you for being here with us for this - and we have some pretty fucking epic festival screening news coming soon!
    And it's completely fucking true. Exclude to include or mention us, it doesn't matter - because you wonderful people in the horror community made this all possible and continue to make it all possible.

    Thank you for standing here with us. We promise to continue to work hard, to make unique films that you will love, and never let anything stop us.


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