Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Freddy (In Space)'s Female Intuition Speaks Hooker Well

We are two of the fucking luckiest chicks around. Not only did we have an amazing cast and crew that created an very well-received film, 'Dead Hooker in a Trunk', but we have had the film reviewed, talked about, and passed along by some of the coolest horror personalities out there. Even luckier, we are proud to say that we have made with some of these personalities whose kindness and radness never seem to run low. Today, I want to take a moment to express our gratitude and gal-paliness with horror aficionado and publicity power-house, Kristy Jett.

There was this crazy notion that we horror chicks, instead of being at each other throats as we claw our way to success, should help one another out. Seriously, how many dudes in the boardroom are pissy to one another because some unimportant, inbred bitchiness? Kristy loved the idea of women helping women out. She has gotten so many folks on the Hooker bandwagon that you'd think she was threatening them with a sawed-off shotgun.

She writes for Dread Central, whom we have given a Hooker clip to whore out. She also writes for The BloodSprayer, TheDreaminDemon, FreddyInSpace, FOTD-online, and Wreckhouse Magazine. I believe she may have an article for the upcoming Ax Wound, a personal favorite, in the works. She also works for Fright Rags, the greatest Horror t shirt company in the known universe -- I met an alien dude at a bar once and he totally confirmed this fact. Jen and I love her to pieces. She's smart, opinionated, and always has something insightful to say that will make you dig her writing and what she is writing about even more. Here are a couple blerbs from her article about Hooker for Freddy in Space.

"To say Dead Hooker In A Trunk is a demure title for a film would be an understatement, and a flat out lie. It's a supremely polarizing title. You can assume you will either love it or hate it just from the heading. The point to be made is, Dead Hooker In A Trunk is one of the best films this year. From start to finish it holds its own. There's no pithy Diablo Cody dialogue or half-ass attempts at moral constitutions. It is a full on assault of your senses, eviscerating any stereotypes that may have sprouted from those unenthused over the title, Dead Hooker In A Trunk.

The women who made the film, Jen and Sylvia Soska, star in the film as Geek and Badass, respectively. Their names are characteristic of, well, their character. That is clear from the start. Badass has a hard night of partying with her bff Junkie, played by Rikki Gagne, resulting in madcap escapades when they realize that they partied a little TOO hard the night before and there is a dead hooker in the trunk of their classic car. Along for the ride are Geek and her love interest Goody Two Shoes played pitch perfect by CJ Wallis. If you don't crack a smile every time he is on screen you're probably missing something."

If you haven't read any of Kristy's work before, then you are missing something. You're missing out on some hip articles about flicks you already love and/or hate. Kristy, keep on taking over the world with your ambitious work and take-no-prisons attitude. We and our dead hooker are glad to be here for the ride!


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