Thursday, August 19, 2010

Deadly Indie Drive In checks their Trunks for Hookers

There's just something unmistakeably nostalgic about a drive in. Even if you've never been to a drive-in, it sticks in your mind as somewhere sexy and exciting to park in the dark and let the screen (or whoever you're parked with) move you. It was an absolute treat to be taken to the Deadly Indie Drive In for an interview with the charming and witty Walter Ruether. Seriously, what's not to love about a site that lives, breathes, and bleeds indie - their tagline 'send us your screeners and we'll promote you' says it all. A good friend to us indie flickers.

Here is a small taste of interview bliss, it's an indie one --
"What would you like to say to other indie filmakers out there who may be struggling ?

S: Film making is a very difficult and tough industry. There's a saying that if you can do anything else and still be happy you should do that. But for those of us that love, we're fucked. My advice to indie film makers would be to not give up. There are a lot of naysayers that try to discourage ambitious people and it's important that you don't let them deter you. Use creative problem solving to combat your modest budget and it'll make your film great. We had Rodriguez's book - 'Rebel Without a Crew', which was the record he kept all the while making his debut feature 'El Mariachi' - on set with at all times. We had nicknamed it 'The Bible', a lot of good things in there.

J: Never give up. There are so many obstacles and hardships that come up during the making of your film. The first one is the most difficult. You have nothing else to show to prove that you can do it. You have to win people over and get them to pay attention. My best advice is to never give up. So many people do and they just give up on their dreams. You don't want to be going to the movies for the rest of your life and be filled with regret, thinking that you could've tried and followed your dreams. I'll tell you right here and now, it's not easy. If it were, everyone would be a film maker because it truly is the greatest, most fun and fulfilling thing I've ever experienced. There's always a way to do something creatively if you can't afford to do it expensively. You just have to take a page out of Robert Rodriguez's book, "Rebel Without A Crew". It tells the story of his first feature, El Mariachi. It's incredibly inspiring. I highly recommend it."

That's right, girls and boys, we love our Rodriguez. If that man makes a film about cleaning his driveway go see it. You'll have the best fucking driveway on the planet. Now get on over there and read the whole interview. Do yourself a favor, and check the whole site out. You never know what new treasures they will be promoting next!


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